Ever hear of a book called "The Sickle"?

I'm trying to find this book, first published in1918, written by William W. Walter - It's some kinda Christian Science thing, I think. Anyone know anything about this book or if I can read it on the "interweb"?

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    The Sickle is a part of the Walter plan which is based on Mary Baker Eddy' s books. However William W. Walter books are far more easier to read that those written by Mary Baker Eddy. This book is the second part of Walter's plan, before the Sickle comes a set of booklets called Plain Talk Series. You can find more information about this on this website: http://www.eschatology-wwwalter.org/

    Hope this helps

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    You will need to find someone that has it...try EBay. It was never sold in book stores, it was only sold in the church, and then only to students that had a recommendation from a teacher.

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    found it but high bucks : http://www.alibris.com/search/search.cfm?cm_sp=nar...

    check alibris if you can't get this.

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    tickle, maybe?

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