increase my dsl speed?

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    To increase your DSL speed try the following:

    A.) Check to insure that you are getting maximum performance from your current package by running a "speed test."

    Broadband Reports offers access to speed test servers located in numerous U.S. cities. The closer the test server is to your location, the more accurate your results will be.

    Based on the results of the speed test, any recommended adjustments will be displayed and you will be provided a link to an easy to use program called "Dr. TCP" and instructions on how to use the software.

    If you're receiving the maximum performance available with your current service plan:

    B.) Contact your service provider and inquire about upgrading to a plan that offers a faster connection speed.

    Lastly, due to distances involved (one of DSL's limitations) regrettably, it just isn't possible to increase DSL speeds to some consumers.

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    depends on the dsl you have. you need to consider these factores before increasing the speed of your dsl.

    1. price

    2. type of technology (idsl, sdsl, adsl)

    3. distance from your local CO

    4. available speeds / upgrades

    5. how fast ur speed be upgraded.

    for 1, 4 and 5, it is self explanatory.

    for 2, there are providers who do not have speed upgrade for an idsl i.e AT&T DSL. for adsl, the higher the speed, the tendency to have issues becomes higher.. Contact your dsl provider for this and have them check your current margins if an upgrade is still possible.

    for #3, the farther you are to the CO (central office of the local telephone company ), the higher the tendency you will be having issues with your service as well. Contact your dsl provider have them run MLT test to check how far are you from the CO, and ask them if increasing dsl speed is possible.

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    AT& T Yahoo! has some great deals now to increase the speed of your DSL, and the prices are great!

    Source(s): I saw the ads, and I am getting a truly great deal for my DSL.
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    DSL is a constant speed. Get cable. It's much faster!

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    fantastically a lot, the phone agencies degree the speed they offer you with in Megabits in line with second. on account that slightly is a million/8 of a Byte, we would want to complete slightly math to ascertain what your acquire p.c. truly is (your information superhighway browser measures your acquire p.c. in bytes, not bits). Take the fashion you spot as your acquire p.c., 1024, and divide that by using 8. because you get 128, which skill the max p.c. you may want to acquire is 128 kilobytes in line with second. the purely thanks to enhance your p.c. by skill of DSL is to reserve speedier servide out of your ISP. Cable information superhighway is the purely one which will be tampered with to achieve godlike speeds, and that is fantastically puzzling to do. also the 10GB reduce has to do along with your ISP, so from what it sounds like they offer you with a 10Gigabyte bandwidth reduce. both pay for further acceptable provider, or you'd be stuck with an same speeds you've now.

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    You may need to change your provider. Comcast I've heard is the best, Verizon isn't bad, but you may have to get a dedicated line, especially if your home is older.Best advice I can give, compare prices, decide how fast you really need your computer, then make a decision based on your needs and finances.

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    first manual customising is hard. first let it be taken care by a software. go and get dsl speed up software that suits u from

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    Tell your service provider.

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    call your isp and ask for an uprade.

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