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is God Good?

if so why Dont we call God Good?

and dont mean Good by the word God?

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    There is no God.

    But there is good.

    And when I use the word "good," I do not want anyone to think I am substituting it for the word "God." The idea is pretty offensive to an atheist, trust me.

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    God is Good. He/she who has deep concern for God and/or Good calls God Good and means Good by the word God.

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    The word Good IS God, but with excess in it. When we say God, we are supposed to mean (Good). It's not a perfect world. For the time being, in our state of imperfection, this mistaken excess persuades to exist as too many people think they are helping (ie: good), and the extra letter 'o', reflects this issue. When we say "Good God Almighty" we are sensing the trip, we may even be trippers, finding ourselves lost, and/or out of place. Full of obvious, unsolved issues at hand, in our personal space, even our bodies.

    If one tells another "good" it plays into a game, often a martyr's bluff to get rid of someone, ie; let them think they are helping for now. They should know they weren't much help if any when hardly anyone calls them, and someone has to tell them what is good to do. I expect the word with the extra letter o to become obsolete and mankind eventually finds no good use for the extra 'o' after he is corrected, in the meantime I would like to start a club, where members who observe an ego tripper, can alert the senses by simply saying "o" which reflects the excess of Godly activities in place, and we all know things done in excess even Godly things are not correct. Too much of a good thing isn't any good at all. Notice this... ie; don't feed the homeless, I correctly heard they were looking for residential status. Evenutally the 'o' will become obsolete (recognized as excess) as mankind heard it enough to finally get it. If you happen to feel silly saying letter 'o', remember the word "Oh!" which means 'I understand'. Or "Oh my God!", meaning "Wow!". Know this that the ego tripper knows they are tripping however, they often are not aware in the conscience mind without sufficient time to think it through. After absorbing this data, is anyone saying "o" here and now?

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    God has many features. But, there is no greater mystery than God.

    God's true internal self is All Good for He is the source and maintainer of All Goodness.

    God's most external self is in the form of death. Those who do not have a better relationship with God perceive death as God.

    Good is a positive force and a positive personality trait. No one is more positive than God. There is no greater positive force than God.

    The creation of all things must have started with something positive in nature.

    Source(s): GOD: This list is about the existence of God, the soul and heaven.
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    God is neither good nor bad. You cannot judge God. God is simply being. You cannot picture God or assume what God may be like. Good and Bad can only apply in human terms. God is beyond our comprehension.

    Gods goodness surpasses everything, and is therefore nothing we can put into words or even grasp its meaning. Only death may reveal the true nature of God.

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    Good God... Even the combination of those words mean that you're not satisfied with something... I mean why believe in God??? Why focus on some religion when you should focus on life??? Look at animals and notice that God is not needed!!! Just live the life you have and don't focus on religion and other supernaturals much unless it's what you think you live for. Godspeed!!

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    God is Good God is Great

    Source(s): No news is Good News with Gary Gnu
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    ONLY God is good. There is no good in people but that which God enables in humankind. If you think you have done something good on your own accord, by what standard are you saying that it was indeed good. If not God's standard then it has been derived of men and that is then subjective.

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    Interesting word play. If there is a God, which I don’t believe, he is anything but good, just look at all the misery in the world.

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    If god was good he would not be able to come up with bad.

    The god you think exists does not the bible says god is love god is perfect this is all bull.

    If god was perfect there would be no reason for perfect to be perfected apon(us) think about that man

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