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How do you keep a dog from eating veggies from your garden?

How do you keep a dog from eating veggies from your garden?

My husband has this dog...Lucy. She's a precious animal & sweet as can be. My husband and i are seperated and still own a home together. He lives in our home w/Lucy and a friend of his.As we are seperated...I do not live there and cannot watch her when she goes out. Well, to make a LONG story short. I still have a garden over there since we have been seperated. Lucy likes to use my cucumbers as a chew toy. How do i keep her from eating my my veggies up? Any advice?

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    You can't - unless you restrain her from going in the garden - she's gonna do what she's gonna do - and dog's love veggies so either learn to share or put a fence around the garden - or - since you no longer live there plant a new garden where you are if possible - Good Luck and God Bless!

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    Since you're living somewhere else and probably don't want to invest in a nice fence, maybe just some simple chicken wire would keep Lucy out for now.

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    Same thing was happening with my coonhound, he would love to play in the garden (flatten everything) and eat what he could... he put a little wire fence around the garden, now everything is all good.

  • Put a fence around your garden so your lovely dog does not eat all of it!!!

    And make a swinging door that only you can open and close!~


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    Garden fence

    I have two who pick and eat tomatoes, corn , peas, leaf lettuce, and green beans.

    They will eat anything in the garden

    Fencing is the best way to keep them out.

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    i propose chicken cord. i frequently provide my rottie vegetables, he loves it. he also digs up the veggie patch we've in our backyard! yet in case you do not pick him to, then get some chicken cord and stakes. this may keep him out. also, per chance provide him vegetables faraway from the veggie patch, so he's not yearning them?

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    srinkle ground red pepper around plants!

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    Every time he does that, beat the **** out of him. PAVLOV rules!

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    Let me spell it out....F E N C E...

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