Panic/Anxiety Disorder?

Is Panic/Anxiety disorder real? Do you suffer from it? If so, how does it affect you and your life, family? What are the symptoms? Is it treatable?

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    First of all anxiety and panic are two different things

    Nomally we do experience anxiety in life that does not mean that u r sick until unless it becomes excessive and without reasons


    It is a real disorder but you cannot get whether u hav it or not unless u goto a good pscychiatrist

    Treatment is differnet for both

    For anxeity u can take Diazepams

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    5 years ago

    Getting off of meds would be a great step. I don't know your situation, but I know generally speaking people aren't afraid of the actual panic attacks but are afraid of having them in public. I don't know if this is true for you. If that's true, a therapist may be able to teach you some relaxation exercises. The thing about giving meds to someone with an anxiety disorder is that the meds are basically an avoidant measure, which kind of reinforces the illness as people with anxiety disorders usually come up with all kinds of avoidant measures. Hope that helped. E-mail me if you have any other ?s

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    1 decade ago

    Panic and anxiety are two forms of a similar problem. Anxiety is often less severe than panic disorder, but I have known some people with very severe cases of generalized anxiety. Anxiety is often treated with very potent, addictive medications that usually cause more problems than they cure, where panic disorder also uses antidepressants. I have found for myself that the most effective way to treat anxiety disorder is with yoga, biofeedback, or simply a relaxing long hot bath and a cup of peppermint tea. It's okay to treat yourself with extra kindness when having one of those anxiety-filled days. Make a nice meal, put on your favorite old bathrobe and even take the phone off of the hook. Call it a self-preservation evening and pamper yourself. There are also some very good therapists if your anxiety gets to be more often. Talking to a professional will often put our mind to ease, because someone important knows what's going on. Anxiety is very treatable and nothing to just ignore. So, take good care of yourself by doing the right things to ease your worried mind.

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    1 decade ago

    I have had panic disorder for years. I have studied and read just about every theory on it and every treatment for it. At the moment, I am seeming to be doing better. I'll just share some things I've learned:

    1. I've come to believe that it's possible panic disorder can be the result of another illness, or energy imbalance in your body. You could be allergic to something and that could be the cause. Check out the website I'm doing NAET treatment for multiple allergies and we treated the emotion of "panic" and I've been doing better!

    2. Paxil Sucks big time. Getting off it was Hell. Did that for 3 years and it probably caused some other health problems I'm experiencing.

    3. If you have a phobia or specific fear try EFT. Go to or try hypnosis. Because of my suffering with anxiety and panic attacks I've become a Certified Hypnotist. Questions, e-mail me.

    4. Find a natural Doctor-one that does muscle response testing- and find out which vitamins and minderals your body is lacking. I feel better on high does of Magnesium.

    5. I'm also doing a parasite cleansing because they too can cause a whole host of problems and energy imbalances.

    6. If you want to understand the energy of your body better, I reccommend a book by Donna Eden called Energy Medicine.

    7. And...aromatherapy. Lavender oil is great for panic. Young Living essential oils are the best. They have supplements that contain essential oils that you can injest.

    8. If you have a health food store, I would look for a Bach's Flower Essence called "Rescue Remedy." Flower essences are great for emotional stuff. Just read their labels for the exact emotional issue you're having.

    9. prayer and reading scripture, especially the psalms are there for us in our times of suffering.

    Okay, that's it!

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    I just developed anxiety a couple of weeks ago. But I didn't know it. I was feeling wierd, ill, weak and all in all just scared at how i fellt. it came on all at once out of nowhere. it didn't seem right to me ,very nervous my heart was racing and i thought i would just die right there and then. my blood pressure went sky high. doom was what i also felt. oh upset stomach as well You see I had just found out in June from an MRI I had Tourettes syndrome. I am taking meds for twitching . I told my neurologist about it threw email, he responded back and said, from the sound of the syptoms i had. was an anxitey attack and put me on ativan, since then, with the TS med that made me sick and with the ativan together I had felt fine for the first time ever.

    Normal you might say. I will be on the med, for life. because of my situation. yes it is treatable. my husband is pleased as well too, again YES anxiety is very real and treatable. this was my experiance. see your Family Dr. and good luck to you. hope this helps give you peace of mind. It will be worth the visit to find out.

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    yes it is real but they are 2 different things i happen to have both i have high anxiety everyday which i take an anti depressent for and when i have a panic attack i take ativan

    going thru this is no fun i feel like an emotional wreck heart beats fast sweating sick to stomach impending doom trouble swallowing cant breathe feel like i am going out of my mind trembling i practice deep breathing and take my meds hopefully someday they will understand more of this disorder

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