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Does anyone know about how to transfer highschools within the same school district?

What i want to do is transfer my school from Seguin high school to martin high school which lie very to close to eachother in terms of school borders. Money is not an object, the school i am currently attending has very low standards and i wish to go to a better school. If anyone has any information on this subject i would be extremely grateful.

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    You have to file an inter-district transfer paper thru your home school. Then they find out if there is room for you in the school you desire. Some school have you do it every year. That is how it is done in my district.

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    Do you live in Texas? I know more about the state laws there.

    If so is Seguin High considered low performing school if so it is very easy to change.

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    if there aren't district-ing laws, i think all you have to do is talk to the principal or VP of the school you want to go to about transferring in. they will let you know the exact procedure.

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    well all you need are your papers from your old school to get into your new school.

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