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Do all these people asking basic questions bother you?

By basic I mean the ones that are asking for definitions, the names of authors, aspects of science or a plethora of things that just prove they've spent more time online than they have actually paying attention to their schoolwork. I mean, we're not here to teach these people about evolution and formatting a sentence, if they know the terms they probably fell asleep during class because they were up all night on messenger and now they need the details. Are we here to -teach- them when they didn't care enough to learn it the first time or look it up theirselves?

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    actually they haven't spent enough time on the internet since all of their questions can be easily answered by using a search engine

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    Most of them don't bother me much, I rather prefer people asking about basic things than people who are afraid to ask and stay ignorant. However I do agree with you that in many cases they should have tried to find some basic answers by themsleves either paying attention to their classes or looking for answers in text books. What really bothers me are those people who want us to do their homework.

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    Yes, because it goes to show how much dumber the world is getting, and your right maybe if they would be paying attention to their schoolwork then they won't have to ask basic dumb questions.

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    Nope. It's a great time filler while my girlfriend is in the shower/getting ready. Besides, everybody gets stuck on something simple now and then. Not all of us were in school yesterday.

  • yes it truly does bother me that it shows the true ignorance of society at large today most of these simple questions can be answered correctly on or webmd and various other sources or reading a supplied owners manuel for a product man people are ignorant today

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    No, I just can't stand the ones that ask medical questions. Who in their right mind would go on Yahoo! to find out if they have cancer or if they are pregnant? It's called a DOCTOR.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, it's annoying, but I'd rather answer them and allow them to know something, than to let them go off and be too lazy to look it up and get none the smarter.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    people are plain lazy

    or sometimes too confused

    or sometimes out to hv fun

    no it dont bother me

    iactually enjoy it

    answering what i feel

    including this one

    hv a fun weekend

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    Yeah, what else are we supposed to do? We are supposed to answer questions, thats it. Thats our purpose, just like I'm answering yours. It doesn't bother me answering questions, people need help and it doesn't matter what kind of people they are.

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