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Will there ever be another basketball greater than Michael Jordan?

There's always been talented guys, In my opinion I don't think anyone will EVER touch Jordan's status. Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Magic Johnson, etc. Magic Johnson is probably the closest one because of the titles and the talent combined. However, no one will be able to compete at his level what do you think?

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    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player and that is not likely to change. There's no way to see the future though, so I can't say never. Magic Johnson was a great player, and he played in the NBA at a time when team play was valued over showboating, not like it is now. His career was tragically cut short as a result of his indiscretions though. Jordan was also great because he understood he was part of a team, not like Kobe Bryant, who thinks the rest of the team is there to make him look good.

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    Well, considering that there's been several players BEFORE Jordan that were better than he was, I would say yes, there probably will be another player greater than Jordan.

    Lebron James has done more up to this point than MJ did in his first three years. Take a look at the stats:

    Jordan: 31.6 ppg > 5.6 rpg > 5 apg

    James: 26.5 ppg > 6.6 rpg > 6.5 apg

    Not to mention that the Cavs in Lebrons first three years had a record of 127-119, compared to the Bulls pitiful 108-138 in MJ's first three years. Yeah, he really dominated!!

    Magic was a much better all around player than Jordan, as was Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. The three great centers...Wilt , Kareem, and Bill Russell were all much more dominant than Jordan. But, of course, that was before ESPN!

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    Michael Jordan is the only athlete to have ever gained the middle name "Air" because of his unbelievable ability to soar through the sky before he smashes the ball through the rim. He has managed to defy all obstacles ever thrown his way within the sport of basketball, earning his reputation as the most competitive and determined player in the NBA. Over the span of Michael Jordan's 18 year long career in the NBA, he has enjoyed world wide attention and recognition as the ambassador of basketball. Jordan has influenced basketball players around the globe and, with his own shoes and clothing brand, along with his artistic way of handling himself on the court, has developed a style of his own within the sport. Michael Jordan can be considered the foremost leader of the enlightenment in the sport of basketball, so there is never going to be another jordan. There are talented players like wade, james and kobe who play like him but they can never be jordan.

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    PPl assume too much with players who havent proved jack...i could make a case for kobe but evrybody hates him....Mike was feared loved and respested, but wade is the closes so far. The other players havent done anything except shoot alot and not win games. Cuz cmon would jordan still be jordan withought those wins and those championships.

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    It is hard to imagine anyone better than Michael Jordan. Michael himself though said that there will be somebody greater. He said that he learned from all the best and worked as harder than anyone to be as good as he was. He said someday another kid will do the same thing and learn from all the other great players and from Michael Jordan. So it is hard to imagine it but Michael Jordan thinks there will be.

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    Jordan brought class, style, skill, and a new level of respect to the NBA. There was no one like him. There will be no one like him. Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan. The one and only...

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    no michael jordan was the best basketball player. There will only be people trying to be like mike

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    I'm sure there will be a basketball player better than Jordan, but maybe not one more popular.

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    I think Shaq is more valuable becuse jordan one won on one team

    if he ever ended up on any other team he wouldn't have won as much

    I don't think any body will be as popular or better

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    Dwayne WAde dfintly

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