location of factory keypad code on ford 2002 expedition?

haven't been able to find where the factory code is located for the keypad entry system on my 2002 ford expedition

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  • 1 decade ago
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    usually it is taped on the ECM

  • Grumpy
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    1 decade ago

    Sorry, If you have used Ford and the dealer or previous owner did not leave the code card Number in the manual. You will need to visit A Ford dealer and let them query your Expeditions computer for the Initial key code. Had the same problem with my daughters Ford Truck. Charged her $35. took about 30 minutes once she got there.

    After you have the initial code, you can set the entry keypad to whatever you want.


    Yours: Grumpy

  • barus
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    4 years ago

    This code is placed on the vendors wallet card interior the glove container, or is accessible out of your approved broking service by using experiment code, or Is marked on the workstation module workstation Module area 2002 through 2007 is interior the right panel in the back of the middle row window. that's lower than the seat belt mechanism. you may want to pull out the full plastic panel off, then loosen the decrease panel to have the ability to work out the face of the workstation module. The code is on a sticky label on the face of the module. Programming a own get admission to code The production unit set code can't be reprogrammed yet you could create your own 5?digit own get admission to code. even as urgent the controls on the keypad, press the middle of the controls to ensure a strong activation. as a lot as 3 own get admission to codes will be programmed to the vehicle. To create your own own get admission to code: a million. enter the production unit set code. 2. interior of 5 seconds press the a million-2 on the keypad. 3. enter your human being 5-digit code. each and each and every style might want to be entered interior of 5 seconds of one yet another. 4. Press a million-2, 3 - 4 or 5 - 6 to point which of the three own get admission to code positions you want to apply. 5. The doors will back lock then liberate to substantiate that your human being key code has been programmed to the module. assistance: do not set a code that makes use of 5 of an same style. do not use 5 numbers in sequential order. The production unit set code will artwork even once you've set your own own code. in case you software a code to a position that already includes a chain code, the before-set code will be erased. Erasing own code a million. enter the production unit set 5?digit code. 2. interior of 5 seconds, press the a million ? 2 on the keypad and launch. 3. Press and carry the a million ? 2 for 2 seconds. This might want to be finished interior of 5 seconds of ending up Step 2. All own codes at the on the spot are erased and purely the production unit set 5?digit code will artwork

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