on my new keyboard when i push email button it goes to outlook express. how do i get it to go to yahoo mail?

im not good with computers, so if u know answer please try to explain very simply. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have to set your default email to yahoo. Go into tools on your internet explorer. choose internet options. Choose "programs" and it will bring you to internet programs. There you can specify how you want everything to work. I have mine set to AOL.. Click Apply (if it's there) and then OK. Otherwise just click OK

  • dudash
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    4 years ago

    That secret's meant to open up digital mail courses that are put in on your pc (Outlook, Outlook convey, AOL). Yahoo is information superhighway digital mail and it does not stay on your pc. i do not comprehend if it really is available or not, yet possibly in case you position in Yahoo mail application it is going to contain a plug-in which will upload Yahoo to that record. i comprehend some variety of mail alert comes with Yahoo Messenger so so you might attempt setting up that or the present one once you've an older version. yet another element you should attempt is setting up Outlook convey to receive your Yahoo digital mail (you would ought to hunt Yahoo for which placing to apply). then you definately ought to set the foremost to open Outlook convey and also you would get your Yahoo mail there. in my opinion although i don't believe of it really is properly truly worth the difficulty. merely make Yahoo your position web page and bypass to it from there like anybody else. Use the keyboard key to open your position digital mail (the e-mail you get out of your information superhighway service).

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    you need to go to start/control panel/internet options/programs - then designate (e-mail) as yahoo Mail or Outlook as your e-mail default/preference.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Type Yahoo in your search bar and there you go

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