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Why compare men to pigs? Are pigs actually chauvinisitc?


Sweet Tooth: How you doin'?

Update 2:

Reagan: Good point. The common phrase is "male chauvinistic pig". Then why do women remind us that we're male?... it's not like we forget.

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    i dont know, i think that all men are cute!

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    no but thats why when we say that phrase we add the word chauvinistic to the word pig. Pigs themselves are not chauvinistic. When we call men pigs, sometimes we refer to their eating habits or their living conditions. not all men are pigs. and some are hot pigs ; )

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    Women aren't being rude when they call us pigs. It is just another affectionate little name...

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    No I think the correlation is that pigs are dirty.

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    no but women are.

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