upgrading my processer?

i want to upgrade my computer, i have a 1.7Ghz and i want to put it up to a 2.0Ghz or maybe a 3.0Ghz processer..can ye tell me how much (roughly) be and how hard is it to do....thanks!

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    Upgrading a processor isn't as easy as buying a new chip. You need to make sure that the new chip is compatible with your motherboard. Find out what type of socket it has first (AMD 775, 939..etc). Putting in the processor isn't too hard. Usually it's just dropping the chip into the socket and securing it. After that, you place the heatsink and/or fan on top, making sure that there is a *very* thin layer of thermal grease inbetween. If you prefer to use the cooler that comes with the processor, it will usually have a layer of grease or some type of padding already applied and will be ready for use.

  • Spock
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    First of all you'll have to check the specs on the existing motherboard to see what it can handle. If you have 1.7 Ghz processor on there it may not take a 3 Ghz one , so you may have to change the motherboard as well. Also, consider the type of processor as well it must match the motherboard or you will be in the same dilemna.

    Places like Tigerdirect.com is a good place to get parts for pc's. Check out their site for prices. A Pentium 4 3 Ghz runs a little over $200.

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    Dont upgrade to a P4, go for an AMD, even a Athlon 3000+ is cheaper and faster, perfect for gaming. Better than a 3.0ghz

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    merely both processors at the instant are not properly ideal which will advise in case you want to improve you'll opt to interchange the completed motherboard and extra then probably your memory to boot, this can be very severe priced.

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    here are some websites, i know from personal experience that www.tigerdirect.com is cheaper than almost every store i've gone to, an www.newegg.com sometimes has better deals too.

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