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Why is life all about contradictions, and is life as perfect as can be?

The first example is in our breathing ( we must exhale, inhale). The second is in sexual intercourse (is it pain, is it pleasure). The third is in our minds ( are we wicked, are we innocent).

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    that's a great question !

    that can lead into spiritual growth, you know..

    first of all, the term 'contradiction', 'not perfect' is derived from our own desire.. greed and ignorance.. greed for wanting all perfect.. ignorance by those who ignore the the truth.. so you can just call it 'unsatisfactories'..

    so it is our chance to see things as they are.. like you wrote.. exhale-inhale.. pain-pleasure..

    when we can accept the both condition.. not trying to accept one and get rid the other.. we can gain peace and calm in mind.. =)

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