Why do non-breastfeeding mothers (or men) give breastfeeding advice?

If you haven't done it or don't intend to do it then don't give advice. I hear so many non-breastfeeders give the advice 'Just wean him'. It drives me nuts!


Thanks - What I mean by non breastfeeding mothers are those that never have and do not intend to.

Update 2:

jennanderton - I have no problem withthe answers that I have received so far. I ask this because of responses to other people's questions. And it isn't just here, it is unwanted 'advice' and comments from family members or strangers. I see that people who do not bf are very quick to tell a breastfeeder to wean no matter how easy the obstacle is.

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    It's because people who actually know about breastfeeding see that you're already doing the right thing and don't feel the need to "advise" you. I have asked myself this same question ALL the time! I think the men tend to give us advice because they are uncomfortable. Some men can't get past the "boobies are for touchy touchy" thing.

    I've gotten a TON of unsolicited advice on many things regarding my daughter's care, especially in the food department. Also, because I practice attachment parenting it makes a lot of people mad because to them I'm clearly "spoiling" my child. I never back down though, if I don't like what I'm hearing I let them have it right back twofold!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know why they give advice, they obviously don't know anything. Give advice on how to read a can of formula like a big girl and don't bother giving the bad advice they obviously received since they're not breastfeeding.

    Edited to answer the person below me: Do you know how many people say they have the same "rare" problem breastfeeding? It's obvious you didn't have the support. Unless you don't have breasts you can breastfeed. It takes a true mother who is determined to give the best. Yeah maybe you should've not asked your doctor for advice but asked a lactation consultant who really knows about breastfeeding.

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    As to the previous answer, you don't decrease your breastfeeding when your baby starts eating 3 meals a day. I don't know what doctor you have been talking too. Do you decrease the amount of formula you give your baby when they start eating 3 meals? No you don't. I know many moms who let their babies carry around bottles well over a year so what is the difference.

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    As far as the "just wean him" comment, I believe that may be out of hidden guilt for them not BFing. I've been lucky that I haven't received advice from non breast feeders, but I do dislike the disapproving stares.

    Overall, who cares what they think?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your growing infant. People usually ween them off of nursing when the child is close to one year- this is when they can drink cow's milk. Just ignore unwanted advice, that's what I do.

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    Look, if a kid is old enough to ask for it, then it is time for weaning. I saw this woman with a 5 year old and she was still breastfeeding him (creepy). Once a kid can eat solid food, he doesn't need breastmilk.

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    Because our society can only think of womens breasts as sexual.... so they think we get something sexual out of bf our babies... which is totaly not correct... but remember our society is totally corrupted and uneducated.... totally uneducated in what is actually best for the babies...

    i hear of soo many excuses of why moms can bf... and when they tell me and i tell them how they could have corrected the problem, they were like why didnt my doc tell me that....

    well DUH... docs are uneducated in the practice of bf too.... they are just as ignorant on the fact of things and how to correct problems... most docs anyways.. there are a few out there that actually learn from the lactation consultants on how to correct problems and such...

    it is all summed up that on the issue of BF.. our society is stuck on sexuality, pornography and being uneducated...


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    They may have read about it or know somebody who's been through it. I am pregnant and plan on breastfeeding because it's healthy and you give the child your antidotes I heard.

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    i have read everything on breast feeding. i was unable to breast feed my son due to no milk a rare problem but happens. when your baby starts eating food for three meals a day it is time to decrease the breast milk ask your childs doctor or your own obgyn they will tell you the same. if you dont like the answers dont ask the questions. ask your doctor instead of a random group of strangers.

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    1 decade ago

    well ya know just cause thay are not brestfeeding curently does not mean thay did not brestfeed at all and ya know some ppl read alot about that stuff. all u can do if slowly wean a kid off. and o know cause i brestfed 2 babys but im not currently

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