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how do i convince my parents to let me get me get a puppy??

i have a golden retreiver, but i want a smaller dog also...i would take care of it....

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    fast, lol...

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    try 2 convince them that u r responcible enough 2 take care of a smaller dog. like, start taking care of all the animals in ur house. do chores before u r asked. and all that stuff

  • Show responsibility. Help around the house without being asked to.

    In 90% of cases, the person that wanted a pet does not take care of it, so it ends up being the responsibility of the person that was against it (parent, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend).

  • Start taking care of your golden more, act more responisble, and talk to them about it. Don't bug them all the time, but make sure your golden has everything he or she needs all the time, let them see your responisble for another dog to care for.

    good luck, one of the best small breed dogs is the fox terrier, toy or regular size,

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    Depending how old you are, you have to let your parents know that it will help you develop patience and learn some responsability. Make a compromise, don't be pushy, and let them know you are ready for the challenge.

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    Tell them that you would take care of it (even clean up it's crap) Feed it and bathe it. Tell them that you will pay for everything that the dog needs. And tell them that your other dog is lonely.

  • Say that you are lonly and that you need someone you can hang out with 24/7!


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    Take them to the pet store and show them how cute they are and promise them you will do everything for it, it worked for me and my sisters.

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    If u hav other pets, prove u can really take care of them. Then, if they like wat they see, they will probably say yes 2 a new dog!

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    do what my bro did he just brought one home without even saying anything

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