i had fund a bug that looks like it is a cross bread of a spider and a cricket i want more info on them?

it jumps about 1 foot in the air and it has a short tail on it i am just wondering if it is any way possible poisonus because i have two young childeren in the house and one is at that age where it likes tp pick things up and i am just afraid that he will get bit by one we call it a spricket because of the pay it looks please let me now what this bug is and if it is anyway poisonus thank you for your time

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    I am almost positive that what you are describing is a vinegarroon (pronounced vinegar rone). It is also known as the whip scorpion and is related to spiders. They supposedly don't bite or sting but they will squirt a combination of formic and acetic acid at you if you try to handle them (1). My grandparents had tons of them at their place in New Mexico when I was a kid. I rarely went near them, but they really were too weird to forget about. Here is a site that has a lot of good info and a great picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thelyphonida

    and here is another site that has a good picture: http://www.fotosearch.com/DGT072/cb036230/

    Edit: According to the Smithsonian Institution Animal book (2), vinegaroons may not bite or sting, but some of them do have claws that supposedly can deliver quite a pinch, and they can shoot their acid as far as 2 feet away.

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    It might be a jerusalem cricket, or a potato bug. They're not poisonous, but they can bite.

    Here is a picture of one:


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    First try to count it´s legs.

    Six and it is an insect.

    Eight and it is a arachnoid. [spider ]

    It sounds like a cricket......

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    Its more than likely a locust..actually im willing to bet my last twinkie that it is:)

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