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How can support services detect and dispose of unclaimed landmines ?

I'm thinking about the PFM's in Afghanistan. Can a chemical fog cause rapid, superficial oxidizing of landmines ? Afterwards, a second part fog reacts with the oxide to produce a photoflourescent layer (?).

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    Mostly you use inert mass like a steam rollers and just crush it and set it off, or if it is on the surface you might blow it with a charge, if it is inaccessble they use a special arm scoop. If you have a field you use rocket disperse C4 to blow the whole area and set everything off.

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    well they use this heay duty machine with a front sheild and fails to detonate the landmines. the fails are just chains on a spinning rod ... very simple . no one gets hurtand it clears a perfect road

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    chemicals would make land useless for growing stuff, and maybe even walking on it. and gases do not go easily underground, where the mines are.

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