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How do I do research on my ancesters? Where can I go ?

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    If you're new to genealogy and have a few minutes, we'd suggest RootsWeb's “Guide to Tracing Family Tree” which are designed to give you a central place to learn about a variety of topics related to genealogical research. They are divided into 30 individual topics which range from “Where to Begin?” to “What's in a Name?” You'll also find lessons on various types of records and documents (e.g., tax records, the Social Security Death Index, census records, even city directories and newspapers.) Other topics include heraldry, creating worthwhile genealogies, plus specifics on researching various ethnic groups. Click on Rootsweb then click on the link “RootsWeb's Guide To Tracing Family Tree” under the Getting Started section on the home page to access these helpful tutorials.

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    Look up the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your phone directory or on the internet and you will find a section listed as family history center and you can go their and it is all free help.

    You will have access to the largest data base on family history in the world.

    Also get all the information that you can on your immediate family

    Birthdays, death dates, marriage dates, christening dates, addresses, etc..

    and get this info on your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc... as far back as you can go then use the resources I told you about.

    Lots of people use these research centers and the people there are very friendly and helpful.

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    Start with what you do know. Ask your oldest living relative for family information. Find out if there is a family bible. There could already be lots of research done on your family. The LDS have a library that is free to the public.

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    Where do you live? NYC public library has a special section. Also, the CHURCH of LaterDay saint has a family history center

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    Go to this website and put in your grandparents name and some dates and you will see what is available for FREE.

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    First, get all the info you have together.

    Birth dates, marriage dates, dates of death.

    Then, flesh out from there.

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    Type your surname in to a google search

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    ask snowflakesunflower, she is the champ at this

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    1 decade ago is a good place to start.

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