A Little Teen Help Plz...............?

i just want sum advice on how to take care of two kids

i have a son named riley and a gurl named mariah

plz help


they cry alot, My son brakes things, they chew on everything in site, when i try to feed them or giv them a toy they'll smack it outta my hand

Update 2:

well Riley Is 2 and Mariah is 4 months

Update 3:

just something for u guys to kno

im only 15

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    So your 15 and have 2 year old and a 4 month old?! wow good for you that your doing good with your kids most people wouldn't be able to handle 2 at that age no matter how old they were... so props for that.. any way to answer your question.. give riley a teething ring to chew on (whether he is teething or not) and for the crying she might be colicy *however you spell it* try hanging her belly over your forearm sometimes it helps... and if you need to talk about **** if you get stressed my email is kayla_ann_simmons@yahoo.com...

    p.s. dont worry about the negative $hit people are saying on here they wouldn't know a good mom if she came up and bit them on the ***, for some reason everyone on here thinks teenage moms are single parents, uneducated, and on welfare...which isnt true for a lot of us i mean i dont steriotype people like that...

    p.s.s. I'm a 16 year old mom of a 2 month old so i know what its like to be a teenage mom

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    Your question needs more detail and focus. Pick a specific behavior and ask about that. You will get better answers from people.

    Perhaps you should contact a local agency, such as planned parenthood or an education department. They may be able to provide you with some parent training, at no cost. It's more than just a dicipline problem. Your son, is only 2 years old, he is young and is still learning about the world and the diffrence between right and wrong. Teach him good and he will do good.

    If your daughter is 4 months old, she is supposed to cry, that is her only form of communication. All you have to do is find out what she needs and give it to her. This is not spoiling her, but meeting her needs. She will learn to trust you and depend on you, As she should.

    For both for your children, help him feel secure. and provide him with activites that he will enjoy. If he is agressive toward you, you may want to look into it more, and find out why. Ask a close friend or family member for help if you are alone.

    Realize that you are a parent, you must set good examples for your chlidren. I understand that you still want to enjoy being a teenager, but the things you do now will effect you kids later. Be safe out there.

    They chew on things?? There are agencies in ATL area that may be able to help. More info is needed on this. You can contact me if you wish.

    --- for children, there is no such thing as too much attention ---

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    It sounds like you have your hands full. Is there anyone in your life like a significant other or your family. Remember all the rules when you were growing up. You will have to show them some authority. You can do it. You have two children and didn't give them up. That is a definite sign of maturity. I hope you are trying to finish school and work. They are many programs out there to help you get through this. As for raising them, lots of love, understanding and libraries and parks can do wonders for a place to go with them. Find free concerts in the park or what is located in your area. It sounds like you all need a little time outside of the house. Enjoy the summer while we have it. Just stick to your guns. Kids need order and discipline. Like chores and teeth care and all that jazz. They really look up to you, even though you are going through alot your self at a young age. Keep your chin up and reach for the stars. They are plenty of single mothers out there that really do make it. It is tough.... but I listened to one during a company inservice. She really moved me and made me think anything was possible. Just believe in yourself and bribes always work wonders once in a while. A water ballon war, toys for the dollar store or candy etc. Use your imagination. Good luck! I have two boys which are 6 years apart. Need any advice drop a line at byronlane7@aol.com

    Can't promise to have all the answers, but friends do make it easier. From one mom to another, your doing a fine job! Hang in there.

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    What type of help do you need?

    Teen responsibility starts with accountability. Accountability starts with definitive boundaries. It helps some kids to put the rules in writing (along with the consequences if they don't follow the rules). Family rules must be specific (dishes must be done by 5pm daily, beds must be made before you go to school, etc).

    No drinking, no drugs, no smoking, no sex or the consequence will be . . .

    Let them know who's the authority in the home, but get their input on the rules of the house (they don't make the final decisions but they might earn privileges when they accomplish a specific goal such as keeping their room clean for a week earns 2 movie tickets or something else).

    Praise them for success. Follow through on punishment. Every action earns a specific reaction.

    Good luck with the kids.

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    Correct your kids (you know like being assertive). Who cares about the law. If the kid needs to be spanked, then spank him/her. But don't overdue it because they could strike back as a psycho. Just correct them when they do something REALLY BAD like if they kick someone, hit someone or use very bad language. If they are doing something minor, then just yell at them like you mean it. I would start correcting them when they are 2 years old. For right now my best answer would be just to yell at them.

    I'm saying this because too many kids are violent because the law only allows parents to give them a "time out". I think that a time out or groundation to a kid means that its playtime in their bedroom. Time out means NOTHING. If you spank them, then eventually they will know that if they do it again, they will get hurt.

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    welcome to the next 18 years of your life. this is how kids are... just take it with a grain of salt. I am sure you love your children, but at 15 you are just a kid yourself. Adoption may seem like cruel advice but you have to put your childrens best interest at heart. I have 3 children myself mine are 6,4, and 2. Believe me it only gets worse as they get older. You have to be able to place a firm hand down and be able to discipline them.

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    Aight wat up Tey Tey I'm red rep n 513(Cincinnati) i'm also 15.........Now that we lightweight introduced i think i can help you out a little bit wit your problem i have a little bra bra bout 4 months and a sister who 4 years the key is too try and keep im apart sometimes if one is sleep then get the other to eat suntin and sit em down in front of t.v with something you want to watch so they lose interest and get knocked too...im not sure wat you need help wit bout if you want you can hit me up personal and ask me for advice...........

    Source(s): Just cause i feel were you come n from
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    Well I think that you gave you son tooo much attention when he was younger and now he wants all of the attention.Bc now that he has a little sister your nt giving him enough attention.Well that is what i think. Good Luck

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    You are only 15, just a child with children, so sad. Talk to your parents and please stop having babies OK. Wait till you are an adult which is around 18 years of age, get a job and get married.

    Source(s): I was 15 once and I knew better than to get pregnant.
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