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whats a face mask you can make and how do you make clear up your face?? im trying to find 1 tht works..

my face has been breaking out really bad and im tryin to find a face mask i can wear to help it clear up you know how to make it?

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    Well I've been having the same problem but I find that none of the store brands help so I tried to make one of my own and it actually worked!

    To make this homemade mask you will need

    <you decide on how much you will need>





    mix in a blender until smooth.

    Then apply it to your face for 30 minutes.

    Do this every night for 1 week and you'll be pimple free!

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    My 14 year old daughter uses Olay deep cleansing clay mask and it has worked really good for her.

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    Take a beta carotene supplement. Wash your face often, and use a product with salycic acid in it.

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