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ok.. need help again! lol?

ok if you had read my last question..... then you would know the situation. but for those of you who havent..... then heres just a brief thing: i like this guy(my age) and i found out he likes me back. but my friend just broke up with him and she's tryin REALLY hard to not say yes to dating this guy. let me just say she's not jealus or anything like that. she's just tells me all of the bad things about him. im confused. what should i do?

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    if your friend still likes him she well tell you lies about him so you dont go out with him....but im not trying to dis your friend but ya know how girls are,if they cant have them no one can! no offence girls.

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    If you were really a good friend to her, you would take her advice and stay away. Also, going out with this guy could cost you your friendship if she secretly doesn't want the two of you dating. You have to figure out what's more important to you and if you're willing to give up a friendship that could last a lifetime for a relationship that sounds like it could be a disaster.

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    stay away from your friends ex. she should know what shes talking about. plus situations like this usually end up in drama and you losing a friend.

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    if you are a good friend then you wouldn't do that you could lose a good friend always remember boys come and go a good friends last forever and if you find one good friend in your whole life then you are lucky

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    she may just be saying hem things cause she is upset. if u think its a good thing go for it u should be alowed to be happy no matter what ppl think

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    LOVE SUCKS!!! but if you dont believe that, go out with him. but rememba my mystical words of pooooooowerrr... LoVe SuCkS!

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    just dont go there it never works out well

  • just do wat u feel

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