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what can we do to stop violence?

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    That is a good question, about which I have several theories. To examine this, you should first look at the past. Violence was not so widespread in the past because usually there were 2 parents in the home, giving kids some discipline and guidance in their daily lives.

    Also, we had a much larger standing Army than now, and the JROTC & ROTC programs at high schools and colleges were full.

    Now, very large percentages of births are out-of-wedlock births, meaning the child has little chance of getting any guidance at all.

    Lastly, some police departments have become little more than political cesspools, and certain high-crime areas are avoided completely, allowing drugs and crime to go unabated. Oh, every once in a while they pull a raid and then hold press conferences, but after that, it returns to normal.

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    Hi Andreo,

    We cannot "stop" violence. Violence is a symptom of a deeper problem, caused by the insecurity and lack of trust we have in each other. It is an expression of fear. The one who attacks another, is trying to overcome his or her own fear of others. They think that if they are scary enough, and prove it by hurting others, that no one will try to hurt them. You see it in school yard bullies, abusive parents, and opressive governments. I know it sounds corny and far too simple, but love is the solution. Easy to say, not so easy to pull off. It takes a very special kind of person to realise that we are all one species, and that we all live on the same planet. We are, in essence, a family. Until we mostly start to realise that fact, and start to treat others as we would like to be treated, I'm afraid we will continue to keep making the same poor choices that cause all our pain and suffering.

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    Its simple, we can stop violence by not endorsing it in the various media outlets. Violence is everywhere we look, its on television, in the movies, in music and in video games.

    Violence is not only endorsed, but it seems to be encouraged. Once this is realized and ramified, then we can stop violence.

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    In order to attack the problem of mindless violence, we first must all realize we are living in a very real world of differences between the races, religions and nationalities and to accept those differences.

    The whole point to racism and stereotyping people is to put them down as to allow us to move up in the 'food chain'.

    The answers to mindless violence is compassion and understanding and this is usually achieved through education.

    To answer your question... Education is the answer. And, that process of people educating people begins at those seated at the dinner table...

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    If everyone smoked and just took things easier violence would fall to the wayside

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    Agree to disagree...compromise instead of continuing the argument. Stop believing in Religion and God. Place our faith in each other and society as a whole. Boy am I an idealistic sot, lol!!!

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    Stop selling Handguns. Make it easier to get paid legally, and control the flow of drugs and alcohol in our communities.

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    Start treating children better and providing strong, loving discipline for them at a young age. I don't mean physical discipline, but make sure they are good kids, who will hopefully grow up to be good adults.

  • If we all become hermits ya...Some ppl are just violent in nature no fixing that.

    Try 3d chat

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