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Are we free to choose?

Barring magical forces or Supreme Beings to endow us with the gift of free will, if we are simply matter in motion, like everything else in the known universe. can we actually make choices, or do we just imagin we do?

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    What you're really asking, is do we live in a deterministic universe. If everything down to the smallest sub-atomic particle obeys the laws of physics are they not destined to interact in only one way? Since out brains are made from these elements, you are wondering if the decisions we make are just a side effect, an illusion, that the decision is really controlled by physics.

    The answer is no, the universe is not deterministic, and yes, we are free to choose. At the atomic level there are quantum effects that cannot be predicted. Look for information on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal.

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    A fundamental question in philosophy. Probably, impossible to answer. We certainly seem to think about things, as Descartes observed. Presumably, this is for the purpose of making choices. Wise choices. Not that we always make them. This may, of course all be an illusion. Or, much of it might be an illusion. Somehow, it seems to me unlikely that all this fuss is entirely over nothing, but I would be hard pressed to say exactly what it is all about.

    Are we free to choose? Perhaps. Probably to some extent. But I'm not sure why.

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    Calm down my friend.

    1. You have one shot at life.

    2. There are no reruns.

    3. Make the most out of your life.

    4. Yes you do have choices and one of your choices is to worry about everything if you like.

    5. Me, I don't have time to worry

    6. Got to run now I have lots more choices to make today....

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    In principle, no: if one solves the equations of motion for all the particles in a human body, as well as for all the things with which one interacts, that would define one's actions and choices. In practice, that is clearly impossible; we are influenced by every thing with which we have ever interacted, and thus freedom of choice is effectively a reality.

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    we certainly seem to I am sure I make many choices not always right but that is the problem

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    Yes we are free to chose! It's what you do with that power that counts!

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