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How can Americans(lower and middle class) maintain their standards of living and compete with China?

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    Focus on knowledge-centric professions such as science, engineering, media and other professions. America's best products are based on information, not on stamping out widgets at a factory.

    The more important question is: in fifty years, when robots and automation have all but replaced the idea of human labor in industry, what will countries like China do?

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    Nothing, l reject your assumption that what China does LOWERS the standard of living. Your just looking to make

    them the bad guys. I've got to make this a short story, but its a

    rare event in economics when competition hurts in the long term.

    For the moment, China is still too far away & too restrictive

    to be the major force affecting american standards. Try looking

    at influences closer to home.

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    Perhaps by buying fewer items made in China. Stop supporting China's economy & start supporting our own.

  • by converting the US economy to intellectual property companies.. then PROTECT intellectual property...

    the Chinese don't protect it so they have no native IP industry..

    we should keep it that way by cornering the market before they get a chance...

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    Learn to live without....or with less....

    Source(s): or create an econimym that doesn't trade with china or other asian nations...
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    One word,CAN'T

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