Do you think permissiveness will destroy our society?

Nearly every day, there will be a story in the local paper about kids (under 21) who get into trouble with the law or get in a wreck in the wee hours. I think it's due to this wave of permissiveness that seems to have taken over in the last 30 years or so. Kids with no license joy riding in their parents car at 2 in the morning crashing into a light pole and getting killed. This was inconceivable when I was a teen.

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    I agree when I was growing up this was a very rare thing to have happen but today it seems to occur everyday if not every minute in this country. Two words for you "Family Values" this will ultimately be the end all of this world not war.

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    I don't know when you were a teen - but I was one way back in the 50s and 60s. And I can certainly recall such things happening back then.

    Not only that, but "juvenile delinquency" was a major concern:

    "One of the great worries of the baby-boom years of the late '50s and early '60s was a phenomenon known as "juvenile delinquency." The freedom of baby-boom childhood in suburbs like Levittown seemed also a danger as those children became teen-agers and adolescent individuation, rebellion, and social insecurities replaced the easier terrain of elementary school. Because Levittown was something close to an instant suburb, and because its residents moved into the community shortly after the end of World War II, there were few of the institutions and folkways that made those transitions from childhood to adulthood less wrenching for parents and children alike. Levittown's worries about juvenile delinquency and "jd's" were amplified versions of a national obsession with the moral fabric of baby-boom children."

    NT: You've made a case against this notion that the '50s was a golden age, especially for teenagers.

    "Kuchar: It was a terrible time to be any age. And any time is a bad time to be a teenager. In the '50s there were all the gang wars and things in the paper about juvenile delinquency. It was no picnic, but the good thing about all that is it inspired a really great genre of film, the JD movie. Which was a lot better than the movies that were being made with Sandra Dee and a bunch of people in their 40s playing teenagers. "

    Teens have been wild and crazy since the dawn of time. You can bet Roman Moms and Dads used to bemoan their sons crashing the family chariot into the Doric columns

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    It is not permissiveness that is the root of the problem. It is licensiousness. In the law, "license" is defined as "permission to do that which is normally illegal." By way of example, driving requires a driver's license. But driving a vehicle is NOT illegal. Therefore, no license is required. Driving without a license IS illegal, but the government cannot make something illegal by requiring a license. It is a constitutional issue of HUGE proportions. By being TOO involved in the MONEY-GRABBING of licensing, paperwork, as well as complete incompetence, the governments and people (of both Canada and the US) have made the mistake of thinking that "freedom of expression" means you can do just about anything you like. God set boundaries (i.e. 10 Commandments) so that mankind would survive. Man quickly rejected God's morality and substituted his own. So we have today's "permissive" society, where everything is "permitted" or "licensed" - except telling someone they are wrong.

    Source(s): Read and understand the Bible.
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    i don't believe that our society is more permissive than say thirty years ago. I think we are far less permissive than in the past. That I think is part of the problem. The idea that we can legislate morality and control people through more laws rules and regulations is a very simplistic attitude. I think the biggest change can come from a shift in the "me" principal to one that values respect for one another, not how much we make or what self serving position you may hold. Respect breeds respect

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    "Permissiveness" is a good word, I normally use "active ignorance" for those who turn a blind eye to our worlds problems, even those we could easilly do something about...It's not just an issue with the young, in fact, the fault is with the elders. Education & alternatives are the keys to changing things, but as long as people insist on ignoring the problems of economy, education & social morality, I'm afraid we are only looking at the begining of what is yet to come and what we are all causing to happen in our world...

  • Ryan
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    I think permissiveness is bad because everyone who breaks the law are being handled too lightly and not to the extent of the law. This country needs to realize that if we don't enforce laws that we pass then what good are they and what does that say about our country. it's like we're a paper tiger.. We need to get tough in about every aspect of society in order to bring this country back on track.

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    I don't agree with your viewpoints. Your version of your reality is what you have experienced, therefore I am prohibited from making assumptions, however, when one looks to theory or hypothesis to either judge or generate and open doors to a potential explanation that perhaps could fill you will some sort of fulfillment internally, it suggests permissiveness and embellishment. What is conceivable or not, in part, lies in your subconscious and inherently remains as a subjective intangible that is indispensable.

    Source(s): Can anything destroy society?
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    It's not just permissiveness, adults get into car accidents, too.

    For the kids, it's a lack of respect, a lack of knowledge, and sometimes, a lack of morals and ethics. This may or may not be the parents' fault.

  • Utopia
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    I think we need to get back to good old discipline.

    Striker rules in school, tougher dress codes, higher standards. Also more discipline in the home. Parents are to relaxed on their kids because they are to wound up in their work and careers.

    Thats why I went to a home based business and started to home school my kids. The change in them was dramatic and for the better. Their attitudes changed, the rebellion went away and they became very respectful-

  • -RKO-
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    Permissiveness already has destroyed our society!

    Why should girls be allowed to go to school half-dressed?

    Why should people be able to use vulgar language as they so choose, regardless of who or how it offends?

    Why do we celebrate when a movie star has a baby out of wedlock, or moves in with someone to whom they aren't married?

    Why is casual sex accepted as the 'norm' today?

    Why does George Bush believe it's okay to invade another sovereign nation just because he wants its OIL?

    Why do we think it's alright to demean another's religious beliefs, customs, or personal ideals or high values? -RKO-

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