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why do people say if you starve yourself it will all gain back?

but when u look at it anorexic people stay thin from not eating.. LIARS.. i caught them in a lie.

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    With anorexic people their total body chemistry has changed. Their organs are not functioning as they should and will eventually systematically shut down. Additionally, anorexics do not resume normal eating habits, it is usually a constant decline in nutritional intake. They will likely die before getting to the point of gaining anything because they are in a constant state of starvation.

    The body is very complex. The question you posed regarding gaining the weight is geared more toward people who make temporary dramatic changes in their diets. The body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly, for protecting the organs and keeping our skin looking healthy.

    When you deprive your body of nutrition it essentially shuts down. It reacts as if you are experiencing a famine and certain reactions occur as a protective response. This is similar for people with chronic stress. All blood is diverted from "unnecessary" organs such as the skin and concentrated on the organs that sustain life such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. However, the organs begin working overtime and some will begin to falter and eventually fail due to the stress put upon them. When that happens the stronger organs take over certain functions of the organs that are not running optimally thus creating a stress of the healthier, stronger organs.

    In order for this to happen, everything that is consumed by the body is stored as fat to be used as fuel for this crisis (as the body percieves it). The metabolism slows or shuts down.

    When normal eating is resumed, and the body experienced a higher caloric intake, it still takes a while for the organs to return to normal function so it is still storing fat - on top of the fat already stored. Additionally, people who have starved themselves for a period of time tend to eat much more than they shoud as their body is craving nutrition.

    It is best to eat healthy, 5 or 6 small meals a day, fresh veggies, no processed foods, etc. And you should lose no more than about 2 pounds a week. Anything over that could send you body into the scenario described above.

    Source(s): I wrote a diet book and have studied nutrition extensively.
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    Unless a person totally changes his/her lifestyle and starves him/herself for the rest of his/her life, weight will be regained. And chances are great that if the person does starve the body, he/she won't live a long life. Starvation causes all the body systems to be depleted from nutrients and without food, the body will die. That's why anorexic and bulimic people who don't seek psychiatric treatment eventually die. Extreme forms of weight control are indications of emotional problems and usually there's other forms of self mutilation going on. When a person cuts on his/herself, that's a symptom of a deeper seated problem. Also, starvation often happens in young people who have been sexually, emotionally, or physically abused. Hopefully, someone will notice all the obsessive-compulsive behaviors and encourage the person to get help. Nobody wants to be miserable but starvation is a form of a death wish. Health is about having radiant skin, having some muscle to be well toned, being able to have good posture, not depleting the bones of calcium which will lead to osteoporosis in old age if one lives that long, and being able to live a daily life without being sick in any form. I've known girls who starved themselves and lost weight, but the first thing that went was their tempers! They didn't starve very long as they quickly discovered their body systems were getting sick. The body must have so many nutrients to grow old and be healthy and happy. And who wants to spend all their $$$ on doctors!!!

    Source(s): Personal experience~
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    anorexics starve themselves for a reason. they're the only ones stupid enough to do that. people who starve do so because they have no food. so if you're trapped in a jungle and lose 50 pounds due to starvation, once you get back, you'll start eating a lot just because you were starving. you'll remember when you were starving how good a triple cheese burger would taste right about now and do that once you get back

  • Because if you stop feeding your body it will go into famine mode. It will begin storing everything you eat into fat so that it will have sustained energy. It's best to eat a little, a lot. Have 3 meals and 3 snacks in-between. This will get your metabolism flaring and your body will no longer want to store food, it wants to burn them. And anorexic people are so thin their bodies begin to eat itself. They are so thin because their body eats muscle and organ to stay alive.

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    i know it sounds funny, but you haft to eat to lose weight,it's true i know this.

    you should eat a big breakfast and a little lunch and a samll or no dinner.

    this is a true fact and it's right.i'm a RN and know this from my nurseing school.

    if you miss a meal don't over do it at the next one.try eatting smaller meals six times aday and no junk foods at all,drink lots of water and no sodas,use decafe when you can,fast foods are no help no matter that the tv saies,

    learn to eat lots of vegies and fruits and try not to over do that to.

    walking is one of the best ways to help in loseing your weight as long as you don't drink a lot of drinks after,i would tell you to make up your mind that your going to lose the weight and fight for what you really want.

    and please don't set your golds to high or you'll never reach them.

    try the week gold for 4 pound and the next week for 3 pounds and the next week for 5 pounds and so on and on and on.

    this can help you each time you try.

    good luck to you on your weight loss.

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    because your body gets used to taking in only a little bit of calories. And when you start eating again your body is used to only burning and using a small amount of calories instead of the normal amount. And you will end up gaining a lot of weight

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    Most people who go on an extreme reduced-calorie diet do not maintain that diet. As soon as the person's calorie consumption is returned to "normal" then the weight will come back.

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    well, they say your body only eats away as many calories as you put in, so therefore if you dont eat anything how many calories are you burning off?? but thats true about the anorexic thing....hmm

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    because most people go right back to their normal eating habbits after they lose the weight. I did after my wedding.

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    because your body goes into starvation mode, and you end up storing everything you would typically burn.

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