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HEAVEN or HELL? Which one will u get in after ur life?WHY?

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    According to the bible, no one knows until the last judgment, so all of you who answer Heaven, yeah right…

    I’m an atheist so I don’t think anything happens. Our bodies just decay as do all other living organisms and that’s the end of that.

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    There is no answer or proof that heaven or hell excist, so how should we know? the answer is research!

    many people waste their tie looking at the sky and researching if heaven or hell really exists! i think that heaven or hell depends on your soul, and how many bad things you have done, or how many good things you have done.......

    some people, like christians think that you can only go to heaven if you are christian. some christians lie, and some dont.....

    so how do we know which one goes to which? obviosly, the bad one goes to hell, and the good one goes to heaven. it does not depend on the religion you have, it all depends on the person you are. you could be christian and a serial killer at the same time! this does not mean that you go to heaven....

    and as for me? i really dont know if i am going to heaven or hell. how would i know how many bad thibgs against good things i have done? i just have to wait. but if you realy want to know....i want to go to heaven, to see my grandpa..............

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    Hell... even if I am suppose to go to Heaven, I plan to go to Hell in payment for any of my loved ones that might have to.

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    Because I live in daily relationship with the God of the Universe, based on what Jesus has done for me on the cross.

    I used to be an atheist. Over a period of time however, I grew convinced of the existence of the Christian God, and ultimately committed my life to Christ (e.g., see ).

    If interested here is some more relevant info...

    For scientific and intellectual evidence for the existence of God, see

    For a brief explanation of the gospel (of salvation through Jesus Christ), see



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    Heaven, cause I'm Christian (saved by the blood of Jesus Christ) the only ticket to heaven.

    Source(s): The whole bible specially John 3:6
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    Neither. I do not believe heaven or hell exists.

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    I've accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and asked for forgiveness of my sins, and whosoever believes and accepts the Lord will go to an eternal life with the Lord.

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    Hell, because of all the people I've made fun of over the years and all the people I make fun of on here.

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    I will be in Heaven. Home with my Lord. Jesus gave me that assurance, the day He saved my soul. I put my Faith, and Trust in Him. By Faith, I took Jesus as my Savior.

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