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belly pooch?

i had a baby 5 months ago and want to know which tankini swimsuit will better help hid my belly pooch or take the eye away from looking at it.....a crotchet brown tankini or a blue and white flowered one(bold print) they are both from victoria sectret..i am going on a cruise soon

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    Go to the mall and try some on. Some look WAY better on the rack than on! I have a cute tankini b/c I have 10 lbs from pregnancy left to lose, and it makes my breasts look huge. They are still big b/c I am still nursing, but it takes away from my hips and butt, where I carry most of my weight.

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    They both will be beautiful. Though I would think the flowered bold print one would make you feel sexier.

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    belly pooches are kind of sexy on a girl- maybe u should take up belly dancing

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