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Does an efficient alternative to gasoline really exist?

Actually, an alternative to gasoline, diesel, or oil.Will humans ever really find a form of energy fuel that is not polluting, and that could be developed by humans efficiently without having to exploit nature? Solar energy cars don't pollute, but are much slower. Electric cars are also slower, and if the electricity is gotten from coal, there goes the clean, nonpolluting source. Planes need too much power to fly, so forget about solar or electric. ( i can't think of solar or electric for an 18-wheeler either). Hydrogen did sound good at first, but then came the issue of turning cars into bombs or how costly it is to mass-produce hydrogen. Will speed and power have to be sacrificed some day in order to stop pollution and natural resource exploitation? Can the Earth's magnetism ever be used to move ourselves arround?

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    Vegetable oil only works for diesels. Hydrogen nowadays is made from natural gas -a non-renewable resource. Hydrogen via electrolysis requires huge amounts of electricity -which will come courtesy of your local smoke-belching coal power plant. Plus, it has to be shipped and put into the car at very high you trust Joe Schmoe to handle filling up his own car with high-pressure, explosive hydrogen? There are ways to supplement our oil comsumption with alternatives like ethanol and such, but most cars on the road today will not run on anything more than 15% ethanol. Also, the infrastructure for delivering alternative fuels to stations, and then to the car, will be very expensive to establish. As of yet, we have no real plan to put these things in place. Most politicians like to trumpet alternative fuels because it gets votes from people fed up with high gas prices, but they can't seem to agree on a good plan of action to actually make it happen.

    BTW, the Earth's magnetic field is not strong enough to move anything around much bigger than a compass needle.

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    perfect determination is existence sort replace, living on the point of work and different aspects and employing public transportation on human potential. electric powered must be my second determination, because it ought to correctly be produced cleanly and the infrastructure already exists. Worst determination bio-diesel. you should be eliminating area for nutrients flora and the quantity of potential used to develop it, many times out weighs the ease, many of the flora used are GMO.

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    I heard Willy Nelson developed some sort of vegetable oil type gasoline..I kid you not. And not only that, but it seems pretty simple to make, and convert cars over...

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