Silent Phone Calls : Problem or No?

Sometimes I get random phone calls during the day. I'd say about 5, now I dont have caller ID and I have no idea what is going on.

When I pick up the phone its completely silent. I dont know anyone that would do this because my friends actually say hi. Could this be telemarketer or maybe a mistake? I thought it might be a harassing phone call. I'm currently using a land phone.

Any suggestions or anyone ever have this happen before? Was it a stalker?

What makes a phone call harassing?

When someone calls and uses obscene or threatening language, or even heavy breathing or *-silence-* to intimidate you, you are receiving a harassing call. It is against the law in California and other states to make obscene or threatening calls. (California Penal Code section 653m, Penal Code section 422-422.1)

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    1 decade ago
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    Telemarketers also use auto dialers just to see when you will be home. All this particular type of auto dialer is doing is ringing your phone and if you answer it logs the call as answered. You will not hear anything nor will anyone be connected to the call. The auto dialers do this a few times over a period of time and then the telemarketers determine the best time to call you when you would answer.

    Source(s): 26 years in the telephone industry
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alot of telemarketers use auto dialers.Try staying on the line a few minutes and see if you get connected. If not you may want to call your phone company.

  • Anonymous
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