pornography- should it be banned?

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    Banning it wouldn't achieve anything. It would go underground. When you start policing what people can create and see and think, then that's a dangerous road to go down.

    But if porn was banned, I wouldn't lift a finger to defend it. It's a multi-billion dollar industry mostly run by men for men that by and large is about feeding the fantasy that women are always willing and available to the male porn consumer. Sure, there are a handful of women in powerful roles within the industry, a handful of women making porn for women. But they're a tiny minority.

    Start thinking critically about it, think about the attitudes and assumptions that mainstream porn teaches - overall, it turns women into products for consumption, it teaches that women (or their images) can be bought and used, it is obsessed with what women can be made to do.

    What would be most useful to realise is that porn isn't the be all and end all of sex. In many ways it sems like the media & society nowadays lets porn and its conventions define what sex is and how it is portrayed. But porn is repetitive and conformist. It's not a good influence. I'd prefer to live in a society where people did not feel shameful to talk about and acknowledge and learn about sex and learnt to respect each others bodies and sexualities - porn would then just be an irrelevance.

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    Of course not. Just because some people have morals and values that tell them pornography is wrong, doesn't mean that should prevent everyone from viewing it if they wish.

    Honestly, if you are offended by pornography, don't look at it. That's the most you can do. Everything offends someone out there, and we shouldn't get in the habit of banning and stopping everything that causes someone's feelings to get hurt. Tough it up.

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    Define pornography first. Cinncinati once deemed Michaelangelo's David as pornographic and would not allow it to be displayed until certain parts of his anatomy were covered. John Ashcroft had two statues at the Justice department covered with curtains because he found the bare breasts on the statues (that have been there since 1936) offensive.

    Define pornography, then we can debate.

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    pornography has flourished in all time where it was forbiden . baned, or where was some kind of victorian " puritanism"

    in ancient indian times you whould not call their statues with man and woman in copulation pornography they were represantation of religius nature.

    But should pornography as an industry be banned, there we could find a moral consensus. Still it is now a multi bilion $ industry with political backing, so it is not a real goal. What is real, good understanding of social and biological relations between persons for all teenagers, and perhaps more control of hormonal changes in youngsters, more stable and sexual active merriages. and perhaps porno industry whould not have any say in our society.

    So if something should be banned , then it is trade of human sex slaves, and porno industry. Pornography " as an art" should not be banned since its efects whould then be detrimental to free art ideas and spech in society.

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    Nope. Why would you want to do that? If you ban porn, I can guarantee you that sexual assault rates all over the continent would sky-rocket. Why? I'll give you this analogy.

    Switzerland has legalized prostitution. They regulate it and tax the crud out of it. And yet, they have one of the lowest sexual assault rates in the world. (I will agree, however, that it is demeaning to women, but the "Swiss Pimps," as I like to call, protect their prostitutes with federal legislation and Swiss police can intervene and charge a client for any violation of that legislation.) If we do that here, I think the same will happen but we're not and I doubt that we will ever. So, theorically speaking, pornography is actually keeping in line the sexual assault rate.

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    Oh, great. Put another law in The Man's hands to go after Joe and Jane Citizen, or add more fuel for the book burners' fires. Or, shall we just trample all over free speech and go ahead and ban anything some one finds contrary?

    Bear in mind, in the future, the thought police will be coming for you just for thinking about this.

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    NO WAY! Pornography is great as long as no kids are involved.

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    Child pornography - yes.

    Adult pornography - no.

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    It should Be enjoyed in the privacy of your own space with others who like it- and it should also be sent to Pat Robertson at the 700 club- He Needs it Realy bad!

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