Help Does my Wife Still Love ME?

My wife and i have been seperated for 1 month now. she calls me 2 hours after she left. She said that its not gdbye its c u later. She calls me every now and then and i do the same. She moved back in with her parents about 1 1/2 hrs from me. She is a very strong woman so she is not showing too many emotions. Yesterday we met (2nd time since seperation) and we had a great time. She played with her bracelets, in a nervous matter, leaning towards me, and she looked very atractive towards me. We laughed told stories, gave eachother gifts and i told her that her new hair style was amazing. At the end however she said that if we get back together, i may have to accept the fact that she has been seeing other guys. The guys she says she's talking to are over 32. Shes 21 and im 24. i havent said that i luv her to her bc i dont want it to blow up in my face. She said it was nice seeing u and she opened herself up to me like the first 2years of our 3 year relationship. was that a test or 4 real?

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    have you considered couple counseling? this would help to work on the problems that made you separate to begin sounds like you both still love each other... and perhaps the separation has done the relationship some good, in making you both appreciate each other more... if you really want to know if its for real ask her to go to counseling with you... if shes serious about working on the relationship and getting back together.... she will definitely go! you both need to be more open about your feelings, and take the emotional risk if you want it to work wishes!!!!!!!!!

  • Elana
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    It sounds like you think "love" is a simple, uniform, unchanging

    definable thing.

    It is none-of-the-above. I doubt she can articulate exactly how she

    feels, and her feelings probably change.

    The real question is "If I was to get back with her, would she be committed

    to keeping the relationship monogamous from then on". If she is 21 and

    her other suitors are 32 and she says that you need to get used to the

    fact that she has "been seeing other guys", it sounds like the answer is


    If you can accept the fact that she may flit off at the drop of the hat then

    what's the problem?

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    Sounds like she still wants you in her life, but she is moving on. Concentrate on your work, and be around uplifting people. If it gets too much for you to talk to her, then don't. Maybe it will help her to think about what she really wants- if you aren't so available.

    Just don't go getting a macho attitude like some of those guys who get defensive and say maybe she had someone else all along. The heart is a fickle thing, and you are both young. Yet, it is not too much to ask to know how things are gonna be. If you love her, give her time- but let her know you have a life to lead too.

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    Love requires hard measures sometimes. If you love, for real, you'd say. If you have a sexual ego, it won't pan out. You know older men have more resources, but its an unfair advantage over you; but if you love someone you give give give. The question may center around needing, not loving. But, I think both of you lack experience in what love means and she is bravely carrying on. You can't fault honesty. You should stand firm, hang-on. If not like her or vengeful or 'in love' you needn't counter her actions. In the end decide for yourself is this love of just emotion. Saying that, time-off often helps a relationship out cause it is appreciated. One day, you may feel the same toward her. Expect flip-flops in the energy between you or any partner. I just think the verdicts not in, yet. It isn't how regular marrieds do it, but it happens in other couples. I congradulate you for not guilting her, but don't be so cool it lowers desire's temperature. Be pasionate over her, over your own self!

    Source(s): 14 year relationship. Both have 'cheated'. Never seperated.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    See what I think is that she does in her little own way but obviously wants to be able to date. What she should have done way back when was not get married because apparently she was not ready for irt at all. She is trying to test you and all, but what you need to do is give her an altematum(?) and see what happens. You may love her but it is defitnitely in the best interest for you. It may hurt like hell to find out something that you don't want to hear but it will be worth it!

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    well you know that girls are confusing to men and i dont no why we do this to you guys. She is probly seeing other ppl but still has feeling for you. She is probly testing you with the " im seeing other ppl" she probly wants to see if you are aswell. First things first you dont want to push her away so DO NOT ask her to make a choice or ask her if she still has feelings, right now let you play her feild and secondly play yours. See how you both feel is a couple of months then you can ask her to chose

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe she feels she might be missing something, and is using the seperation time to find out if that's true. That, or she is hoping you will take her on dates, and romance her like you probably did before marriage. Many people tend to stop the romancing, once marriage is done.

    Give her time, and stay true to her, until she decides what it is that she really wants.

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    no she has moved on if it has only been a short time and already seeing other people she was cheating on you before she moved out, the only reason she moved out was because you were making it hard for her to cheat, believe me I know, Its time for you to sign the DPapers and move on, Run do not Walk because when the guy(s) dump her she will want you back, and you do not want to be played until some one new comes along.

  • Erika
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    The definition of love in a million Cor isn't a definition of love in it the definition by employing which all Christians might want to show like to all of us...that's the definition of Agape (or perfect) love...the love that Christ tested to us even as he died on the bypass...regardless of the indisputable fact that that's not the definition of marital love. look at Proverbs 31 it ought to shed mild on the thanks to be a deferential spouse... and to reply to your different question i imagine different halves have this sort of complicated time respecting their husbands because they're human beings with flaws and insecurities and that is hard to illustrate Godly, religious characteristics once you stay contained in the flesh. edit:doingmybest large reference and massive e book!!

  • suchsi
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    Yes definitely she loves you,otherwise she should not have met you and she also tried to tell the things to you as she knew that you will not open up.Now it is your turn go feel sorry and ask her to accept you as you are.

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