Does anyone plan their pregnancy these days?

My husband and I planned our pregnancy. We got pregnant when we were both ready. We've been together since high school. Almost 5 years together now. It just seems like there are alot of "accidental" pregnancies today, or boys and girls sleeping around and getting pregnant, and women with 3, 4, or 5 baby daddies. What are the odds of a "planned pregnancy"?


No matter how the baby is conceived, the baby is still special. I was a surprise to my mom. She found out she was pregnant at, like, 5 months! I never met my real father. I'm not hurtin' though. My mom's husband adopted me when I was 3 or 4.

Update 2:

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with our first. . .a girl!

Update 3:

I'd like to add that I AM in need of financial assistance. I'm using WIC. With all the doctor bills, we can't afford much food. My husband and I are both 21. He's working, I'm taking at-home courses that I'm almost done with. When I'm done, I'm going to support my husband as he goes to college. And our baby's name will be Khaiya Elizabeth.

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    Actually me and my husband planned both of our kids. We used protection of some kind until we decided that we were ready to have both of our girls. I know what you mean by all of the accidental pregnancies though. It seems like everyone around me ends up pregnant when they don't want the baby and then wonder how they keep getting pregnant. It's called BIRTH CONTROL people.

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    I've had 3 unplanned pregnancies. All 3 were conceived either with birth control of condoms. I miscarried the first but gave birth to the other 2. My fiance are going to start trying for our 4th pregnancy in about 2 years. I'm guessing for me, 1/4 pregnancies will be planned. Oh, all three times I conceived was with the same man. I didn't sleep around. Just thought I'd add that my children aren't provided for with tax dollars...Seems that a lot of unplanned pregnancies are. Another thing, sorry I keep adding; My doctor told me I have a very high fertility rate. The patch didn't prevent pregnancy and neither did condoms or the Nuva Ring. After having my youngest daughter, my doctor inserted an IUD at my 6 week check up. He said that it was best for me because it has the lowest risk of pregnancy rate.

    Congrats on the new baby. Have you thought of any names yet?

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    Yes, people still plan their pregnancies. The odds of things going exactly according to plan, as with anything in life, are much slimmer, though, than are the chances that a wrench will be thrown into the works somehow.

    In a responsible adult relationship, the odds for a planned pregnancy are very good. Unfortunately, the majority of sexual relations in this day and age are not responsible and often not adult.

    Source(s): 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. He wasn't exactly planned, but he wasn't unplanned either. It was a no pressure, "If it happens, we'll be thrilled. If not, no big deal," type of thing.
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    i have 2 kids and i planed one but not the other and i was using tax dollers to take care of my kids for a couple months while my childrens father was out of work and now hes working again so ive lived through all the situations out there that you have mentioned and not once at any time have i looked at myself as being any better than anyone else because my child was planned and someone elses child wasnt or because my man pays for the food on our table and i find it kinda sad that you would come on here and act like your better because your child was planned and your not in need of financial assistance, im sure youve insulted alot of people on here.

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    My husband and I planned ours and I know how you feel about everyone declaring, "accidental" pregnancies. Then I know of several girls who declared "accidental", but they weren't. They knew what they were doing and used it as the stereo-type TRAP. And then they wonder why the guy took off. Girls don't play smart and use ignorance as an excuse and I have no respect for it. Girls can be very scheming and conniving and then they act all hurt when their scheme back-fires in their face. Can we say, "you made your bed, now lie in it.... and shut up about it too."

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    My pregnancy was planned. It was a discussion that we had together before making any kind of attempt. So, yeah, there are a few of us still out there that want to make sure that what we're dong is in good interest for us and the one we're bringing into the world.

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    People with high standing morals do plan their pregnancies . Married people plan them.

    People that "play around" do not . Perhaps they do not have enough knowledge to protect themselves or maybe the protection fails. A lot of it is do to ignorance as well as a lack of morals.

    It's very sad. Being that I have to ride the city bus everyday until I get my car repaired, I see a lot of that and it just makes me sick!

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    Its true most pregnancys are not planed anymore, but Im pregnant with my first child and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever ben a part of. Just 'cause he wasnt planned, doesnt mean that it isnt a happy beautiful thing.

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    My pregnancy was not planned. I have had 3 partners in my life. Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned, and my partner and I both love our daughter dearly and would like another child in a few years time.

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    Been married for 6 years, dated before hand for another 4. We are now trying for our first baby.

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