why are some people born predisposed to mental illness?

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    some forms of mental illness tend to be genetic in that they run in families. Others are brought about by trauma early in life, and bad parents.

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    nature vs. nurture debate. are you predisposed or is it your upbringing that makes you that way. Some mental illness is genetic, and some people live with others that make them lose it. so it is a bit of both. some people have a low stress threshold, and that makes them predisposed to mental illness, because they have no coping mechanisim. just a couple of reasons why people are predisposed to mental illness, i think their might be more.

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    it's hereditary... some people just don't have the same genetic code to get it. Same as alcoholism. You can be predisposed to it.Call it the luck of the draw genetically.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Primarily many mental conditions are genetic, but I also believe that one's parents may act in certain ways that they learned from their parents which are detrimental to one with the genes, thus triggering it.

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    Genetics and family/life situations.

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    i don't think that is true, alot of it has to do with tragic events that happen in ones like

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