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a question abt creatine powder?

ok i m planning to buy creatine monohydrate ..

i have planned to buy prolab'c creatine powder .. (if better than this plzz suggest ..

ok prob is that ..

i know we have to take 20 g per day for continious 5 day .. but i dont know how to consume it ..

like 20g at same time or shall i divide it ..

shall i take 20g 1 hr b4 gym or ..

abt the maintanance phase i know that we must take 5 grams post workout ..

hope u understand my ques..

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    Instead of creatine buy some cell-tech its creatine in combination with other supplements, and at the same time just like creatine, mix it with some juice like grape juice or apple juice, or even sunny d, some kind of juice. I used to take it before my work out like an hour before, and then after my work out i would drink a protein shake.

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    the numerous danger of creatine supplementation is dehydration. the possibility of dehydration ought to correctly be prevented by using ingesting water in extra even as taking creatine supplements. Dehydration may reason cramping, fatigue, weak point and themes. If supplemental creatine isn't absorbed by using your muscular tissues, it may reason water retention and bloating. do not take creatine supplements without your usual practitioner's supervision when you're at present taking drugs or receiving medical take care of a medical situation. there is not a concrete advice for the way a lot water to eat with creatine. Many supplement manufacturers recommend an more beneficial sixty 4 oz.. of water on a daily basis on real of your favourite water intake. The Mayo health middle recommends that on a daily basis water intake be a minimum of three liters for adult men and a couple of.2 liters for females human beings. some medical situation, which contain kidney and heart ailment, Creatine is an animo acid that assists the body in providing cells, more often than not muscle cells, means, in accordance to the textual content "modern-day food." Creatine is evidently produced in the liver, yet a synthetic version is also taken as a nutritional supplement. frequently, bodybuilders and athletes will upload creatine to their their pre-artwork out or post-artwork out shakes in an attempt to construct more beneficial muscular tissues, notes Frances Sizer in the textual content "food: thoughts and Controversies." even as used in this technique, a creatine powder, that ought to correctly be offered at many diet and wellbeing nutrition shops, is used. Pour your required quantity of protein shake blend right into a blender. upload milk or water to the protein shake blend in accordance to the equipment guidelines. upload one serving of creatine powder to the blender. the quantity of one serving of creatine powder will selection by using kind, so study your equipment's label to make certain the quantity of one serving. guard the lid to the blender. Plug in the blender and turn it on to the wanted speed till the protein shake is carefully blended. turn off and unplug the blender. eliminate the lid from the blender and pour your protein shake with creatine right into a pitcher to relish.

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    My trainer recommends using 5 grams in AM and bedtime plus 5 grams before and after each workout.

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    too much creatine is bad for your liver. I would talk to my doctor about it. Plus all creatine doesn is retain water in you muscles. Once you get off of creatine then the muscle deflate.

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    My boyfriend takes it in a glass of juice. the whole thing every morning at one time. u do know that all creatine does is add water to ur muscles? once u stop taking it u loose ur muscle mass. it really does nothing.

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