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Orthodontic rip off?

My daughter is 14 and definitely needs braces for her upper teeth. The orthodontist says she also has a cross bite and needs them on her lower teeth too. I tend to think it's a way to get another grand or so out of us. I need to make this decision along with her dad who I'm divorced from so any specific examples would be great so I can argue against it. I can't afford it if she doesnt need it.

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    OK, first off, 14 years old is a very common age to start ortho treatment, but actually early intervention with different appliances can help the jaw and bone grow correctly, and is very common and the way to go these days.

    Anyways! Usually orthodontists do like to put braces on both arches, it helps to align the bite because anytime you mess with one arch and not the other one the bite can be affected.

    If you daughter has a crossbite that means she is not biting on the correct areas of her teeth. If this is not corrected, over time she could abnormally wear her teeth and could cause joint problems.

    I would recommend another consultation with a different orthodontist and compare their findings and cost involved. This doesn't mean you don't like or trust the opinion of the first orthodontist, it means you are a smart consumer. It is a big investment, but one that it sounds like you daughter really needs.

    And braces aren't a horrible thing to go through. I don't know who all these people had as orthodontists, that say it was so horrible, because your teeth can be sore for a few days after being tightened, but it isn't that bad! It is worth it!

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    Sorry i know i am not helping but are they not under NHS or something so that the taxes u pay! And where the money is concerned ure daughters dad can also chip in coz he is still your daughters dad!! Personally unless your daughters teeth are really not straight i would not get braces because seriously you go through a lot of pain and trouble for literally nothing!! Trust me i hav braces and retainers!!

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    First I would say get a second opinion if any way possible...

    Next I would say that a growing trend amongst dentists is to wait until they are older. The old school way was to put braces on early, but now more and more dentist are leaning towards the belief that too soon may not 'take' right and won't be as effective as letting them reach a fuller grown physical maturity...I'm not sure what to believe, but I have seen several early jobs not hold up once they reached adulthood and had to be repeated...something to consider...good luck with your decision.

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    Get a second opinion. It's always a good idea to get at least 2 opinions for such an expensive procedure.

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    Well, my friend has braces and it cost her $4,600 for lower and upper braces, but ur choice on spending that much cash.

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    you are not getting ala carte braces here. you dont' get to have one of these but not one of these. do what the doctor tells you to do. he's smarter than you and trust me, he doesn't need the money.

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