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my friend had a test in a std clinic she says she was crying and didn't see if they used a clean needle?

or a dirty one and she is worried and later that day, i decided to check the internet and i saw some really worrying stuff, .she said she later that day felt something i mean inside the body all the way to her heart she is really scared. i later phoned the clinic and they didnt say anything just kept mumbling. i need some advice or some clear answers ...please she is only 22...she hasnt had sex or taking injection she had a violent mother that is why she went to take the test


her mum is hiv positive and she has been beating up my firend very often scratching her digging her nails i just thought aabot it and said have you mum came to your rooma nd try to infect you in any way maybe that is why she is scratching you as a cover up

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    i've read this is appauling what they do...i am aure you have nothing to worry about

    Take care and God bless

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    I'm with the others and not sure what a violent mother has to do with stds, but I work at an std clinic, and I promise you we use clean needles. Every place does now. Its the law.

    And there isn't a disease around that could make her feel something moving towards the heart. That's probably anxiety.

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    ethically and morally, it is wrong for any medical professional, whether it is a nurse, lab technician (who draws your blood), doctor, or otherwise to use a dirty/contaminated needle on a patient. period. there are very strict laws in place since the advent of HIV/AIDS to prevent these things from happening. healthcare providers who do something like this face very serious, very harsh consequences. needles are made nowadays to have special devices that cover up the needle once it is used and this device cannot be retracted, making the needle unusable for a second time. most hospitals/clinics use these because they are cheap and they pose little danger to the person drawing the blood (less risk of getting stuck by a contaminated needle, less chance of disease). so i am sure your friend was fine. Stacy, RN

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    As far as I know, all clinics use clean needles. If she is that concerned, she should return to that clinic and ask them what they said. Did you ask the person at the clinic to speak clearly so that you could understand them? Unless her mother was sexually abusive, she has not reason to be concerned about having contracted an STD.

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    If it was a clinic specifically for STDs, I highly doubt that they would use contaminated needles, for that would simply further the STD epidemic. Your friend is probably okay.

    ...and why would she be worried about having STDs just because her mother was violent?

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