Has bad ever prevailed over good?

We always see stories or watch shows in with Good prevails over bad. The bible is full of them. If bad does win a battle, they still always lose the war. Is there an instance in which bad wins over good? Not a battle, but long term.

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    How long term? If you mean the ultimate long term, the end of the universe, the Entropy wins out.

    If you didn't know. Entropy is the scientific name for chaos. Entropy occurs naturally is power is not added to a system. (A room will become dusty over time if not cleaned)

    So basically, you want to know if Entropy is good or evil. Well its neither. It has no preference.

    As for a time when evil has won a war rather than just a battle. That depends on your perspective. Surely Hitler would have seen the powers of the Evil Allied Forces overcoming his righteous Do-Good Axis Powers.

    Have you ever wondered WHY good always wins? Its because the winners will never tell people they are really the bad guys. They will always pretend to be the righteous good guys.

    So yes, Evil does sometimes conquer good. Its a philosophy called "Dualism" that says that the forces of good and evil are equal. As one is weakened so is the other. We just hope and strive that in our lifetime, more good is done than evil.

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    It happens often. In fact one can argue that if chaos is regarded as worse than order, that the whole universe is going to be a story of chaos prevailing as entropy increases.

    If you are talking on human cultural terms, I think it's hard to find the good that comes out of Chernobyl, or genocide in Rwanda. Or in individual terms there are many proven cases of innocent people being executed for crimes they did not commit. But it all depends on WHAT you call "long term" - if you limit it to the end of a person's life, then certainly there are murderers who get away with their crimes, and other criminals who get away. Think OJ... or even Ken Lay.

    Bad things happen to good people, bad people get away with terrible actions. Jimmy Carter said it best, "Life is not fair."

  • Depends what your perception of bad is. I'm sure the Nazis didn't think of themselves as evil. Maybe we are the bad. Who knows. There is not one right answer for this, only different points of views.

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    I guess it depends on your definition of good and bad. They are after all, simply perspectives. They are relative, rather than absolute concepts.

    Do you think that our enemies think that they are "bad"? No.

    They have the exact same perspective as we do, from their side.

    They see us as the enemy and the "bad" ones.

    Nobody thinks that they are bad or that their actions are bad, given their perspective of their world.

    Source(s): Conversations with God -- Neale Donald Walsch
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    bad will never prevail over good for forever because God is good and God is more powerful than anything else

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