so why there is so much hatred and racism in here?

i mean if everyone is nice ,not racist ,open minded and can accept the others

so who say rude and racism expression in this site

why there is so much hatred and racism here?

why here to ask and answer ,so we can know different opinions from different ppl

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree that there is racism here. Since this site is open to all people from all over the world, you are going to get all types. I would say that the majority of people are good, and well meaning. They give you their answers and opinions thoughtfully and respectfully. But just as in the world outside the Internet there are people with certain beliefs and behaviors. Those with racist views have a forum to air their hatred while remaining anonymous. It is sad, that they don't realize how weak and ignorant that they truly are.

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    I'm not as familiar with the hatred and racism, since I am a new contributor. I would suggest that you review my answers to other questions as a way of meeting someone who is not expressing the negative elements to which you refer. Especially read my answer about the "What has happened to Michael Jackson?" question. The animosity to which you refer is perhaps a sign of the general mood among many of the public in this me-first era. Remember, though, racism and hatred do not reflect poorly upon the targets, but rather upon the ones who would so express themselves. Usually such negativity is a sign of weak self-confidence within the perpetrator, which is then projected outward in an attempt to camouflage the negative thinker's own shortcomings.

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    1 decade ago

    racism is just another form of the (inclusion/exclusion) instinct or tribalism. Humans may be advanced intellectually but they have not changed some of their basic instincts. many thousands of years ago to survive, people had to help each other and restrict that help to people they would see again in the near future so they could in turn get some help. If it was not expected that they would see a person again they were excluded from the tribe and ostricised to prevent them from obtaining valuable resources that the tribe needed to survive. And they still do it today. If you have ever noticed in a school cafeteria, a stadium, or even the workplace people pair off and group together with those they feel comfortable with and can depend on for help of all kinds. Just as a human can be accepted into a tribe of gorillas, anyone of any race or species can be accepted into any group if you are willing to do what it takes to be accepted by them. It's not about race, its about survival and what you can add to the general well being of the tribe.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, if someone asks an insulting racial question, I'll respond in kind in defence of racial tolerance.

    I should point out that racism should be tolerated, but at the same time, it should be accepted. The sooner we accept certain stereotypes and can make fun of them in a friendly way (for example, I'm chinese and I know I can't drive lol) the more tolerant we will be. It's like when someone screws up, but that person can make a joke out of it after. People tend to respect that person more because s/he can acknowledge his/her faults.

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    1 decade ago

    Let's face it: Some people are just stupid and ignorant.

    I have never acted like that

    I try not to be rude or impolite. I am here just to ask and answer questions. Other people are rude because:

    1)they have empty life (or they don't have life at all)

    2) they are mad at someone,so they take it out on innocet people

    3) their moms.grandmas.great-grandmas etc. were rude,so it is kinda a tradition

    4)they don't have anything better to do

    5)they were raised to be rude

    6) they are just weird,so everything is reversed (bad means good,rude means polite) ??

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think most people are racists; but the ones who are stand out because they're very vocal and they're the exception to the rule.

    Racism is slowly being defeated by education and the fact that the world is getting smaller.

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    Because there is so much of it out there.

    People like that think they can get away with it. Report them...every time.

    Racists always think that most people agree with them. That's how we know that they are not too bright and we must pity them as sad, ignorant beings.

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    I think it's because others are also curious why there's racism in the world and want to end it. That's why they (including me) post Q's about it.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    final analysis is there'll continually those who hate and worry human beings for on reason or yet another. except those human beings take their hatred and turn it into movements which have a detrimental impact on my existence different the lives of others i ought to careless what someone thinks. As loopy as this can sound someone has the right to hate me for regardless of reason they opt for regardless of if that reason is absurd. regardless of the indisputable fact that someone does no longer have the right to harm me. that's the position I make the excellence between both. someone hating me isn't my problem till they make it my problem. the perfect element for someone who hates me to do is stay out my way and that i will do likewise. My aspect to all that's existence is too short and there are too many alluring issues that this international has to grant for me to be desperately attempting to get a racist to regulate his perspectives of me. i do not want each and every ones love and devotion yet I call for each ones recognize. A racist does no longer ought to love me yet he does ought to renowned me. when I say recognize I propose the recognize of what ought to ensue to him if i'm compelled to take care of myself.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with you, here is like a global village that we can talk together without borders of gerography, sex, races, nationalities, etc. We have to try to keep it clean and useful to let know each other and humanity better and better. Bravo with this big question.

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