My stepson is getting married next month and my husband of 1 yr wants to have the rehearsal dinner at our hous

he also thinks i should have no problem with his ex wife coming too. The house we live in is the same house she and he had together when they were married. Am i being mean because i think this is not right?

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    It's OK to feel upset about it, but she will be at the wedding and this can be your chance to show how much better your relationship with him is then hers.

  • Tiss
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    1 decade ago

    It might be a little awkward to have the ex-wife over, but if your husband really wants to do this for his son, you can get through it. I'm assuming you're o.k. with the mother of the groom being at the rehearsal dinner, just not at your house. How about if your husband hosts the party at a restaurant? That way, it's neutral territory. If your husband has his heart set on having the dinner at your house, look at it as a way to do something nice for your husband and his son. It will earn you brownie points with your husband, and that's always a good thing. Just don't try to exclude the ex. This is a big day for her.

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    You're kidding about the the groom's mother coming to the rehearsal dinner right? I mean obviously she'll be there, she's his mother. Is there some reason that three of you can't act like adults for a few hours at dinner? Also, what's wrong with having the rehearsal dinner at your house? Is there a reason that it shouldn't be? I don't think it being same house they lived in together is relevant, unless you broke up their marriage and she caught you guys in the house. In which case, it would be in very poor taste to have the rehearsal dinner at that house.

  • Yakuza
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    They have a son they are bound together by that son, do not be so insecure. He is married to you now not her. Try to not look at it as a challenge to your marriage,but as a chance to show your husband how confident you are in your relationship. The important one here is your stepson and his bride to be . Its not about you honey. Did you cause the previous marriage to fail? were you the other woman? If not try to smile and have a great rehearsal dinner . Its not that big a deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He is right. You shouldn't have a problem with it. They share a son together and she has every right to be at the rehersal dinner, and you have no right to keep her away. How would you feel if the situation was reversed and she had a problem with you being there? You need to get over it, and make an effort to get along with his ex, because she is going to be around for all the big moments regarding her son.

  • are. its his ex for a reason. they didnt work out. you cant help the fact that they has a son together and he is getting married. you ant keep her out of her sons life you know. thats his mother and sorry to say...your not! why cant the dinner be at your house? so what if thats the house they shared. your living in it now arent you? you need to grow up and get over it. be civil and show your husband you love him and dont care about his past. do you want to be known as the evil step mom? if you couldnt handle a man with a past then you shouldnt have married one.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Its slightly egocentric of you. i'm positive your husbands relations is close and that is the reason he needs to attend the BBQ. you're occurring a three week honeymoon in another united states. enable the guy have the day inclusive of his relations. My pal had style of an same element take position the day after her wedding ceremony. Her wedding ceremony become on a Saturday. Her husbands father and mom and relations got here from everywhere in the country to the marriage. maximum of them mutually with his mom and dad stayed til Monday, so their wedding ceremony evening, they went to a useful motel close by and then visited with the relations on Sunday. Monday morning even as all of us become leaving, they left on their honeymoon. It worked out nice. you don't need your married existence to start up off in a strive against. bypass to the BBQ along with your new hubby!

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    Maybe not mean, but perhaps just a tad selfish. His son grew up in that house, it is his home. This is about him and not you. Bite your tongue, change your mind about it, and give the best rehearsal dinner that is within your means. You will be proud of yourself for doing so, and so will your new hubby.

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    Think about this madam. It is SHE, and not YOU, who will have the most difficult role to play here. The way you show that you are secure in your marriage is by being extremely generous and gracious to your husband's former spouse. To do less would tell the entire world, including your husband and his previous, that you are bitter or ill-at-ease in your current position. This is not the message you want to send.

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    Let it go. It's his son's wedding and HIS house. YOU are his current wife and if you insist on being so selfish and petty, you may become the next ex-wife.

    Relax and enjoy this special occassion.

  • 1 decade ago

    you should have the dinner at that house after all if even one else is happy to do so you should.why cause bad relations when it is not necessary

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