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My bench press is around 220.I don't do many leg workouts.Could that be a factor in the amount I bench press

I'm 5'10" 170 pounds and 39 years old.

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    I think the only way it will help is if you are doing it wrong.

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    Yes. In order to get strong you need to do full body exercises like squats off a power rack. Those all over body exercises cause dramatic hormonal changes all over your body. Without them, small area exercises do basically nothing. A bench press isn't a small area exercise (curls are an example of a small body exercise)....but it isn't sufficient for generating the hormonal changes. Do your squats and your bench press will improve.

    Also, use fractional weights (weights that weigh 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 pound. Add SMALL amounts to your bench each week. These small amounts add up over time. That's the way to effectively increase your bench. Realistically, it will never get much above 300 without steroids.

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    Legs Do not go with Bench Press, The actual muscles used in the bench press are the Pectoral muscles, the Triceps, Biceps and Back muscels.


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    Your bench will increase when you work your core muscles. These are often worked by doing legs. I have found that the more I do squat thrusts, and clean and sweaps, my bench goes up. It is also better for your body to be strong in all parts. Also working your legs gives your chest muscles a chance to rest and recover, and re-build, but it keeps the cardio and respatory going. So do your darn legs.


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    Is that your max? You have to work out all parts of the body, or you will hurt yourself, and look lopsided. I don't think it would effect chest strength though. Ive seen paraplegics bench more than that. I increased my bench by switching to dumbbells. The isolation makes you much stronger, but the bench is more for size. Try it. I bench around 275 and do 105lb dumbbells. Don't really want to go any higher!

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    People don't look to good with big chest and skinny legs.

    Source(s): It happened to me.
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