what exactly is fuzzy logic? which is the best book on the subject?

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    1 decade ago
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    Fuzzy logic is a problem-solving methodology with a myriad of applications in embedded control and information processing. Fuzzy logic provides a remarkably simple way to draw definite conclusions from vague, ambiguous or imprecise information. In a sense, fuzzy logic resembles human decision making with its ability to work from approximate data and find precise solutions.

    Fuzzy Sets & Fuzzy Logic; George J. Klir, Bo Yuan

    It's like $90.00 on Amazon, good luck very confusing and time consuming.

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    Fuzzy logic is the type of logic that allows more than several discrete values. While other types of logic rely on discreteness (true - false), fuzzy logic allows the engineer/programmer to develop algorithms relying on fuzzy input.

    This 1996 book is probably the best reading out there, but I could miss the books that came out in 2004 - 2006.


    Source(s): MS in Computer Science with Fuzzy Logic concentration
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