what is Uk zip and postal code?

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    In the UK a postcode is an alphamumeric (letters and numbers) code that goes at the bottom of the address. As a general rule there is one postcode for roughly every 20 addresses.

    They take the following formats:

    A9 9AA

    A99 9AA

    AA9 9AA

    AA99 9AA

    Outside of London each city and Large town has it's own letter or two letters that all postcodes in that city or town start with. Eg. B for Birmingham, BS for Bristol, CV for Coventry, etc.

    Within London the first letters of the postcode depend on which part of London you are in. They can start SW, NE, EC, etc if you are in southwest london, northeast london, east-central london, etc.

    They are strictly called Postcodes, NOT 'zip codes', we don't have anything called zip codes.

    Source(s): Live in the UK.
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    UK has postcodes, not zip codes. The format is

    AAN(N) N(N)AA

    where A is a letter and N is a number, if it's in brackets it's optional. The first part refers to the town/area, and the second part refers to the street. These postcodes don't specify individual addresses.

    Hope this is what you mean.

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    well the uk postcode works a bit like this

    the first letter of the postcode is the city/town etc.

    eg post code like G31 5RT

    so G =would be glasgow(scotland)

    31=the region within glasgow

    5RT=sub-region with glsagow district of 31

    dont know how the zip codes work.

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