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How can I make my connection from piano keyboard to comp work?

I have a Acid Music Studio program, yamaha dgx-500 keyboard, and a usb midi cable. (not the Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface)

I tried recording into the Acid software but it does not play back so I don't think it's working correctly. I've been trying a long time; maybe this cable isn't the right one??? I don't know. Any advice will be great. So what I want to do is be able to record my piano playing into the software and be able to make a cd.


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    Well there is a couple of thing that you need to check first before

    you make your self crazy. first of all acid music rocks!! especially when it is working for you.

    1. go to control panel on your start menu clink on entertainment and go to sound, or volume when you get there choose the advanced options and make sure that all your volumes are up. including your midi.

    2. Exit and go back into control panel then choose system. If you cant see this Icon then on the left hand side you will see change view to classic and choose that. Now you will see "System"

    Click on that and then choose device manager. in here you will see a list of what you really have in your computer. and find your midi player and make sure that it is enabled. also make sure that your ports match.give that a swirl and see what happens.

    If that does not work I have been known to use the mike jack in the back of the computer and hooked up my guitar straight in and use the recorder that is located in the entertainment area in the all files menu and just make a sound file that I would save into my music file and go into acid music get loops from my music file and vuala. (French for there you go)

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    in the recording program you have to select the right track and instrument. also, you have to put the midi out cord into the midi in jack on the keyboard and vice versa. Lastly, you should get the soundcheck keyboard software by voyetra. that's what I have 4 my keyboard and guitar, but I use record producer, not acid, and I haven't had any problems.

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