Is the United States an Empire In Decline?

In the current years the United States Army has noted a shortage of Man power, The US Economy has been plague by increasing unstabilitily and The country has become increasingly devided... History has shown that these are signs of a state in collaspe(British Empire)

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    It is weakening yes, but the more fitting term would be "hegemonic decline" ...which "according to Robert Keohane, is a state that possesses the following characteristics:

    1. the ability to create and enforce international norms,

    2. the will to do so,

    3. decisive economic, technological, and military dominance."

    The world depends on the economic stability of America, there is no doubt to that. While many will say China and India are reaching super-power status, which is partially true, they will certainly face unprecedented domestic problems in their growing populations. First, the growing distance between the haves and the haves not in both countries can spell doom, as only a small percentage of their population is benefitting from prosperity, leaving almost 2 billion people in poverty. Second, the ability to provide the basic necessities of life will become a burden- as China and India are both trying to secure fresh-water sources and food sources in South America (Chile and Argentina).

    Yes, America will still be a "Hegemony" for the World in the foreseeable future....but anything can happen right?

    Source(s): Professor's Lopez-Alves (South America) and Liu (China) from UCSB.
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    Let’s get around some misconceptions.

    1. China is a growing power. This is true. Like Japan after WWII, the economy of China is growing exponentially. However, China's growth is not without its problems. They are consuming their natural resources at a much faster rate than the US and other western nations. They suffer from high pollution rates and subsequently an expanding number of cancers caused by these pollutants. Much like Japan, this growth will start leveling off in the next 20-30 years.

    2. Oppressive governments are able to expand faster, but tend to fizzle out once the population wants more. Their expansion is a double edge sword to the communist party. Eventually what happened in Russia and Eastern Europe will happen in China.

    3. China and India are still third world nations. It will take at least 50-100 years to become first world nations (and that is in the absence of prolonged wars which are virtually inevitable).

    4. The US Army shortages have more to do with commitment. If we were in an actual fight for our personal survival (such as in WWII), there would be no shortage of qualified personnel. Heck, I would even try to join (and I am 45).

    5. We have always been divided. We have never been a melting pot as the propaganda artists have attempted to portray us - we are a stew. A group of very different cultures thrust together. We will never truly mix, nor should we. In NYC, there is even a divisive separation of Caucasian communities (Irish, Italians, etc).

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    Not at all, we have only begun .I believe we are the new Rome and as empire goes thats the big one is it not.All the the things they had going for them,we have more.China has had a head start on every one and they have to follow our lead .In only 230 yrs as a country we have risen to the top not because of our armed forces but from our economics.Where else do people get to keep the majority of what they work for.This is powerfull incentive for our people,legal or illegal white or colored Muslim or Christian.We get ot enjoy the fruits of our labor far more than anywhwere else.Who knows what the next big invention will be but it will be invented by an American .Its called incentive and our system encourages that more than anywhere else.Anything of substance invented in the last 100 yrs was American.The next will be no different unless the world changes ,not us.

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    Yes we are in decline. We need new leadership-brand-new leadership and we need to change our way of thinking about the world. Most of our school students don't take science, that makes those less able to contribute in a serious way.

    Just look at Jay Leno's bit about interviewing people on the street. They not only look stupid enough apathetic and overwhelmed. How can this not have an effect on the global scene? People seem to spend enormous amounts of times on their cellphone, yet recent studies have shown that people feel more isolated than ever before, with less than 25% of people reportedly have even a single friend they would call in a crisis.

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    It probably is but its hard to say because things change so rapidly today when compared to empires of the past. Is China surpassing the US or simply becoming another US? Here's a scary thought though, unlike the empires before it, the United States could take the rest of the world with it if it ever fell.

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    Our current tax system has caused alot of outsourcing. If we fix the tax system so people come home, I believe America's economy will become stronger, causing happier people, who will be more willing to fight. It wll also strengthen the revenue for the government. We have been basically giving other countries part of our economy, making them as strong as we are. The army had, only for a short moment in 2005, seen a lack of personel. The recruiters are meeting their quotas more than ever at this time.

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    And part of the problem is the complete arrogance we have. Most ppl don't know world history even in the slightest. I've even heard some ppl say, "... history is stupid..."

    We are such dumbarses. All ppl should realize that in order to go to a better place in your future, you need to understand past mistakes throughout the civilized world.

    I mean think about it. Just 400+ years ago Spain was the wealthiest country in the world. Now look at them.

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    It appears to be in decline. What with the exploding debt, lack of cohesive diplomacy, lack of very many military "feet on the ground", the breaking of international and military laws to maintain it's position and ignoring it's own Constitution are surely signs that there is a decay, moral and military, that appears to be taking place.

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    No we are an emerging Fascist Empire with a Monarch and parliamentary industrial body politic.

    After some adjusting and stricter patriot act laws everything will be fine.

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    It is certainly an empire, but I'm not sure if it's in decline yet or not. If the US continues in its present path, it will be the beginning of the end, but I think there is still enough time to reverse the decline.

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