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What would cause my computer to constantly shut itself off without obvious reason?

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    3 possible situations:

    1. You have a virus. Get Norton Antivirus to clean it up.

    2. Your power supply is bad. It may be delivering dangerous voltages and your computer is shuting down to protect itself.

    3. Your RAM is bad. If you dont have a virus this is most likely. Try a memory test like the one below. If you find ANY errors replace that stick with a new one.

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    Trojan Spyware .06068 on the legion Virus profile. It is a virus that shuts your computer down, almost like a form of weakening your immune system when a human sleeps. It does this so that your personal data is more vulnerable, I would suggest going to CompUSA and searching for a "Symantec Ghost v.8.09" disc and clearing your hard drive, o just buying a new one.

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    Do you get a blue exhibit screen that shows up putting forward you pick to close down your pc so it received't get damaged? if so, thats likely because there is a few thing incorrect with the hardcontinual now and again it is going to close down by technique of it self. It doesn't always propose it is an endemic. call the position the position you purchased your pc from they could furnish you with a range to call for better help with the priority.

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    heat issues, software problems. your fan my stop and the cpu hets up and that will make your computer shut down.

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    you more thrn like have a virus.

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    it is possessed or it has a virus

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