Are good muslims embarrassed by extremists blowing up and killing innocent people?

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    The answer to you qestion when a person do terrorism is a terrorist nobody will blame Christianity if he was of Christian belief. When somebody do is involved with terrorism who is following Islam than the whole world start blaming the religion Islam. Terrorists are terrorists they don't have any religion.

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    I am not Muslim, and my only experience is one college class and a friend who works in Middle Eastern policy stuff, so mostly listen to what other Muslims have to say.

    However, I felt the need to point out that the extremists blowing up and killing innocent people consider themselves good Muslims.

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    if they were, yes. if you mean 911, no. there is no proof I've heard about so far (including the osama tape) that exists that says Muslims bombed up innocent people. the tape was fake. if it truly was Muslims who did that, i am ashamed. however, if you are talking about the bombings in Palestine, no of coarse not. the Israelis are running little kids over with tanks and kill everybody from the sick to the helpless to the old to the children to the adults. it is absolutely sick. hundreds of Palestinians are dying each day. nobody makes a commotion about that, but when 2 Israeli soldiers die, they go crazy (the media). then, when Palestinians use the only weapons they have in self defense, bombs, they get killed. do i think you got my point.

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    I'm not sure about being embarrassed. Just consider a few other things:

    1. Is a mother embarrassed when her son kills someone and then spends his life in jail?

    2. Black people kill each other and fill 90% of jails while being approximately 15% of the population.

    I just try to follow the 10 commandments. I've failed only two that I remember.



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    Many I've met are. Hey, every religion has extremists, fanatics & nutcases. These extremists don't represent everybody else. By the way, did Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc. represent all Christians? Of course not.

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    My answer will take the form of a question: Are good Americans embarrassed from the slaughteries their troops are committing in Iraq? Are good Americans embarrassed from what their ancestors (the founding fathers) had done to Indians? (I mean the ethnic cleansing committed against the original land owners)

    Of course, everybody should be embarrassed from such crimes, including good muslims and good Americans.

    Please stop this sterotyping and spend some more time reading about what the reckless American soldier had done in Iraq. He raped a 16yo girl, killed her, killed 3 persone from her family, then burnt the whole house with their bodies in it to hide his shameful crime. Are you American? Are you embarrassed of that?

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    Not only are we embarassed, we're ashamed, frustrated, pissed off and depressed all at the same time! Those bastards (extremists) really mess it up for us.

    I mean, we did a lot of work to build a decent image for ourselves here in America. It took us so long to gain America's trust somewhat. On 9/11, all our work went down the drain.

    If theres anything to learn here... please, Muslims are nice people, we're not violent or crazy -- normal, just like you. Sure, they might seem to be more spiritually-inclined people, but that's just our religion. We ARE NOT for killing people and overthrowing the government or anything.

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    Are more normal Christians embarrassed by the likes of Fred Phelps? Extremists in any religion are dangerous, and the responsibility for their acts do not rest on their religion or others that follow it.

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    What good muslims? Educate yourself! Read the Koran. The basic tenent of Islam is to convert the entire world to the Islamic religion. BY force!!

    One tenent states: When a Muslim meets a non-believer he has 3 options: 1. convert him to Islam

    or 2. Tax him

    or 3. Kill him

    The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim!

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    yes we is against islam and is not in any way is not preached that we shud be happy when anyone is killed for any reason this is the mis conception the media gives everyone about muslims..and its certainly very depressing...muslims are very peaceful people who like to stay to ourselves, but we are victims of extremists who do what they wish and then we have to suffer the backlash.....dont be so ignorant in thinking there is a whole religion that celebrates killing people.

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