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Where do people gather mushrooms near Poulsbo, WA (Seattle area)?

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    My dad used to belong to the Puget Sound Mycological Society check them out. They go on a Spring and Fall field trip every year and you can learn about different types of mushrooms as well as share recipes.


    Sorry I don't go to Bainbridge area. I have a special place out in the Olympic National Forest.

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    Try going to the Grand Forest of Bainbridge. (I'm not kidding, that's really what it's called - back in the 1990s they had a naming contest and a little kid won.) I'm going to try and give you directions, but I don't live on the island anymore so they won't be perfect :)

    Drive onto the island and go up Hwy 305 until you get to Koura Road (on your right-hand side). Drive up and then down Koura (it's a huge hill) until you come to a big intersection. I can't remember the name of the road at the intersection to save my life (I think it might be Miller Road but I'm not 100% on that)... Anyway, take a left at the big intersection and drive down about a mile or so - maybe even less than that. On your left side you'll see nothing but forest, and eventually you'll see a small sign for the Grand Forest. Park on the side of the road (there will probably be other cars there) and enter the forest! Enjoy! I've never picked mushrooms there, but it's a beautiful place and I imagine you'd find quite a few varieties.

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