Can any native speaking German tell me how pronounce the following German words?

The words are:

ich - kaiserslautern - munchen - leid - shon - thom

I am trying to self-study German, but I am finding the pronunciation especially difficult. I really hope to have a German e-pal and I can help him improve his English or even help him learn Arabic from scratch. I am Egyptian, male, 28yo.

Thanks in advance.

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    Not native but here goes:

    ich - ich (hard "ch" sound Greek "Chi")

    kaiserslautern - KI serz LOW turn (Low as in "allow")

    munchen - MUN chen (first part, hold your mouth as if you were saying long "u", but say long "e". Second part, same sound as ich)

    leid - Sounds like English "light"

    shon- Schon (already) pretty much like English "shone."

    schoen-(pretty) As with Munchen, hold your mouth like you were saying long "o" and say "e." Sounds almost like "shern."

    You'd probably do well to get some tapes or CD's of German grammar and pronunciation, but hope this helps.

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    Try this dictionary english-german dictionary which pronounces the words for you:

  • will
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    1 decade ago

    ich - ick or ish

    kaiserslautern - ki - ser - sla - oot - ern

    munchen - mund - chin

    leid - leit

    schon - it'll sound like shern

    thom - tom

    good luck with your studies!

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