what are the pros and cons, techniques, and ramifications (present and potential future) of genetic screening?

legal, religious, on scientific research, societal mores, etc...

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    A pro and a con is selective breeding of our offspring. Variances are needed in the population's dna is important so that genetic disorders such as hemophilia do not start appearing - thus removing the variances that naturally occur through natural selection are a con. However, if a genetic defect "runs" in a family - such as clubbed feet - then the family might select to deliberately avoid passing on such a condition on a child. Thus selective breeding can be beneficial.

    I am not properly educated to answer the portion of the question related to techiques. However, I believe that in vitro fertilization could be used to make sure a potentionally healthier embryo without defects could be implanted, leaving those with defects behind.

    I believe it is legal to perform genetic screening now for disorders such as down syndrome. The idea being that parents can choose to decide to terminate or continue a pregnancy with knowledge that a child is affected.

    If genetic screening is utilized for defects only, I don't believe society will have any more "problems" than it does with screening now done. However, when it comes to genetically engineering a child to make sure it is what is desired in appearance, intelligence, etc., many discussions will eventually have to be held both at home and government offices.

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    The pros would be for identification and early treatment of genetic disease.

    I think people rely mostly on PCR (polymerase chain reaction) for the DNA sequencing of specific genes or chromosomal regions.

    The cons are immense, such as insurance company screening, job screening, making people think that they will have disease onset.

    I think that unless absolutely necessary, (human) genetic screening must be stopped and people educated about what will come from it. Our DNA profiles are private and should not ever be available to private companies.

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